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Long Time Passing

I’ve been doing this Online Journal thing for a while now. Three years, in fact, plus a month. In One month, One week, and One day’s time I will be celebrating three years since I started using Blogger, but my first posts, written in plain HTML with an orange colour-scheme, were over three years ago. Before the Blogging Revolution. I remember when all this was text-fields…

There is a point to this. Over the years, Aquarionics has gone though at least ten major and hundreds of minor redesigns, Five weblog management systems (Notepad, Blogger, test.php, Klind & Epistula), a number of total rethinks and three servers (Soon to be moving to a forth). Two things have remained constant over that time. The first is the Aquarionics Wibble/Circle logo, and the second is me reading Melissa’s Weblog. The fact that I’ve read Melissa’s weblog for longer than I’ve known my girlfriend is very slightly scary 🙂

The reason for this slightly pointless retrospective is that Melissa appears to have a new toy at, and a new article on why we should fall down and worship Bjork, for she may be the USA’s only hope.

Icelandic Swan Impersonator Keeps World Safe for Democracy. Go read.