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Paul said, on my trackback implimentation:

What would happen if I trackbacked and pingbacked at the same time? Which I won’t do. Just trackback today.

Good point. The Prackback stuff now checks for an existing reference before putting it in. And I can now even send trackbacks, w00t and verily yay.

So, I have coded my way into trackbackery. Again, w00t and verily yay. I’d trackback to Paul, but it wouldn’t work because of his version of MT. Next comes the great acronym replacer thingy, which will become part of the tests suite (Which will do such things as check for valid X/HTML, Spelling, Acronyms, and some sort of autoformating magical thing. This will rely on my writing the edit – as apposed to creation – code as currently I’m editing entries using raw SQL. I should fix this, really.

I’m not – I should point out – a programmer. Throw me into anything more complicated than a medium perl script and I’ll scream. Epistula isn’t really a complicated piece of software, and I’m truely aware the code isn’t well written, but it does the job, and I’m learning, which was the point of the exercise.

Anyway. Archives are now back in the land of the living (Thanking Adrian Ogden for the bug report), Trackback is working (I think) and life continues apace.

Oh, and I got paid. Oh, and also, Work have confirmed my re-contracting at the end of the month. Watch the Aquarion dance….

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