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Today is the first of January Two thousand and three. For the second year running, my retrospective has been eaten by a crashing computer, which I find ironic. My year though, boils down to this:

Mediarific, 21, Mailbombed, Carrie, Spike, Crash, Burn, Code, Pol, Pink, Move House, Redesign, Write, Live, ADSL, ASCII redesign, Con, Wedding, Employment, PingBack, MLP, Employment, Phones, ESF, Techinicality, CTS,Lemon Jelly, AqGate, Complications, Hiatus, Code, Writing, Bath, Christmas.

Today is Aquarionics’ third birthday. On the first of January 2000, at five past midnight, I had just finished uploading the first front page of the new domain, designed to suceed my old website hosted at my ISP. It’s been online since then, and been a journal since the end of that month. This is my fourth year of blogging. Very, Very scary. Happy new year, people. And I still can’t belive people read this crap…

And, in the grand traditions of yuletide programmes, a retrospective consisiting almost entirely of the bits the editors thought were the best in the last year:


(Aquarion) i’ve just accidentally ordered Buffy Season III.
(lonecat) *laugh*
[…] (ccooke) explain accidentally?
(Aquarion) Er, I accidentally used my associates account to create a link on my local web page that would order it and give me a comission.
(Aquarion) I then accidentally clicked this link, clicked buy, clicked order, and clicked another three buttons confirming the order
(Aquarion) I’m quite accident prone when I put my mind to it.
(ccooke) Right. That’s what I thought


Because while you were taking the test, you answered four different types of questions

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