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Ill. Dying. Ickky. Ick.

New game based on Tron coming, Tron 2.0. #define shiny

Basically, the Sarabian thing happened (Emails were exchanged, apologies made, mistakes have been made, others will be blamed, Bad Shit Over. Yay) followed rapidly by the reef thing (Reef died, Reef is now living again, Bad Memory module has been blamed, but the motherboard we swapped in a couple of weeks ago is deader than a dead thing on the day of the dead, which is a bugger) which has now been superceeded by the Aquarion Bedridden Due To Cold From Hell thing, which has left me sleeping for 18 hours a day and my room scattered liberally with tissues. Ick. This illness has developed whilst my contact at work has been put on hold for a couple of days while work’s client make decisions.

Life is fun, is it not?

The photos of the Nottingham AFP Meet have been put online, minus captions and such until I have time to do them.

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