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(AFP, 2001-09-27)

I’ve been wandering along the lines of “Who Is Aquarion” for a few
days, and this is how it works:

To AFP: My Name Is Aquarion.

This accounts for both “If You Meet Me In Real Life” as well as, and
especially “When I’m Online”. The only *ONLY* reason my real name is
on these posts at all is because in order to comply with the terms and
conditions of news.cis.dfn.de (My major news feed) I have to put my
real name on posts, at the very least in the sender field.

There is a reason for this, and it goes as follows:
When I joined the AFP for the most recent time, there was a
very specific reason why I wanted to be anonymous. It was a legacy
from a previous place, and meant that I never *ever* wanted anyone
online to know who I was ever again.
So I became Aquarion, which was the name of my website at the
time and was a name I quite liked the sound of. And I posted both here
and on other groups as Aquarion for a moderately long time.
Then I started doing meets, and my Real Name was announced.
This meant that people started calling me by my Real Name online,
which I was too shy and retiring to object to.
(Yes, Ha ha, Aquarion being retiring, I know. I’ve changed a
lot since then)
I respond to Aquarion, however, far easier than I do to my
real name. Mainly because there are very few Aquarions in the world,
and I’m unlikely to be mistaken when someone shouts it across the

So, Personally, I prefer to be called Aquarion. Even if you know what
my real name is. Because it’s what I prefer to be known as.

There are other reasons. The main one being that, although they are
closer now than before, Aquarion is different to $REALME, and I’ve had
enough problems of the “Who Do I Want To Be Today…?” variety to keep
me going for a while.

To Summarize the above: I’m only not anonymous because I comply with
the T&C of my account[1], but really I prefer to be called after the
name I post under.

If anybody tries to restrict my rights to be known as whatever the
hell I like, I will continue to argue with you.

(Not that anybody here has, yet)

To Summarize the summery:
Aquarion is a fairly mucked up person,
light blue touch paper, and stand well back.

Yours in total sincerity,

Aquarion D’Blue

 "Ve belong dead"-- O   | Aquarion. Ph33r |V|y 1337 P@||70 5K1||Z
    \\         +-|-+ | From is valid, Replyto is better.
   \\\__o       |   |
___\\\x/___   _/ _ | Resurrecting dead hedgehogs since 1996.
[1] Yes, I *know* they have never been known to enforce this, but it
is still the rules.

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