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Klind’s Excessivly Wonderful Links.

Developed from the orginal Klind‘s Portal system (My first ever PHP project was an attempt to put my old boxed portal system into a NeatoCool(tm) Database structure. Most of the code for that still survives in the current system, mainly in the table building system for the portal and the Cool Archives.

When I was designing the new Aquarionics Back end, it seemed sensible to put the two systems together to make a large links database, so if I put something in the Cool system that I visit regually from then on, I can press a button in the Admin control panel (Which says, in fact, “Portalize”) and it is now on my home page portal. *Then* I needed something similer for the Webcomics that I read, and so I extended the system to cater for them, which meant making a page that generates a frame-set, with the comics list displayed to the left, and the current comic displayed in the main window.

To Do

  • Seperate the Comics, so they don’t appear in the “All links” section
  • Release source.
  • Comment code nicely.
  • Clean up validity checking code.
Kewl Changelog
* Reformatted "Cool Things" box
+ Added ability to add links that arn't "Cool" by default
+ Added "Suggest Link" functionality
* Modified the Portalboxen function not to display a row of empty boxes at the end sometimes.
+ Add notification of new suggestions, links to Klide's message system.
* Made the Framed section be able to not display certian categories
* Made list.php sort entries.
* Er, I'd better put the redesign here, really. Redesigned system to use Stylesheets.
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Nicholas ‘Aquarion’ Avenell. Call me Aquarion, most people do.
The Internet. Elsewhere doesn’t really matter, but the front page of my site should give some indication.
Actor, Web Geek, Writer.
Marital Status:
Moulin Rouge, Monsters Inc, High Fidelity.
Divine Comedy, Accapella, Classical, Eddie From Ohio, Blues Brothers, Modern Soul
Dungeon, Adventure, RTS, Construction Sim.
Fantasy, SpecFic, Myths.
To play the Compar

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This being the age of Aquarius an’ all, there are an entire multitude of ways you can contact me. And here they are:


You can contact me by E-Mail at


  • aquarion at Hotxt
  • rionaqua at AIM
  • nickavenell at Y!IM
  • at MSN Windows Live! Talk
  • aquarion at on gtalk
  • aquarionical on LJ Talk
  • aquarion on Skype


    I have accounts on many, many things which I try to check at least twice a month. These are all linked on Project Walrus

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Klide is the Diary subsystem of the Klind engine. It will also link in related nodes, but doesn’t yet. It’s a replacement for the Blogger system I used to use in Aquarionics 2, without some of the nicer features, like not having to read from the SQL Database every time. It now has working archives, Yay me 🙂

Klide Changelog
+ Added "Showentry" function, for display (and linking to) of single entries.
* Rewrote archive system from scratch to display entries by month, and also display list of archives.
+ Designed "Lozange" feature at the bottom of each post, for ease of linking and editing.
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Student Games 2000

This hasn’t been formated in the Aquarionics template, mainly because I’m 300 miles from it 🙂
Despite the lack of logos and everything, This page is part of Aquarionics, and therefore conforms to the rules of the rest of the site, ie, it’s writtan by and ©opyright Nicholas Avenell 2000 and forevermore. This event was done with the Sunderland Uni Sci-Fi Society and people within are part of that. This was a public service announcement, Thankyou.

– {Nick. 14/05/00}

13 May 2000. The Student Games

Bright was the sunlight as it streamed though my bedroom window at 7am, Silent was the alarm clock it fell on, and vexed was it’s owner upon waking two hours later in discovery of this fact. Upon dressing and adding caffeine to his system, many four letter words poured forth at the discovery that he had 45 minutes to walk across Sunderland to the Manor Quay to meet the rest of the SciFi Soc. team.

Forty five minutes later he got to the marina, having been redirected from Manor Quay and saying many nasty words to the memory of the flatmate that took the directions, he met the rest of the team.

Introductions, reintroductions, excuses and icecream were used as appropriate (depending on exactly what you want to do with the ice-cream, natch.) as we met the team we were to be against at every step of the way, the Fencing Club team who, it has to be mentioned, had matching team T-Shirts and everything.

The first step to our doom had been taken.

As we wandered across the field, a large green monstrosity blotted the horizon declaiming its name, and the location of our first event:

One: The Bungee Run

The Bungee Run was a large green inflatable thing with two runways, at the end of each was fastened a length of bungee rope and the other end was attached to, at the beginning, your humble corespondent. The aim was to run as far down the runway as you could and place a velcro beanbag to the non-functional velcro sidebar (non functional as in, it didn’t stick. Not at all) Setting the standard for the rest of the team, your humble corespondent threw his weight at the open end…

…then fell over, and was pulled back to the start again.

We lose.

President Jonny was the next to attempt the challenge, and was also the only person to win.

Ari, Jenn and Sheep also threw themselves down the course with reckless abandon, and it is a shame that the Fencing Club managed to throw themselves very slightly further.

All that practice with Lungeing, I expect.

Two: Jousting

You would expect that an event called Jousting would involve lances, horses, ladies bestowing their favor in the form of silk hankichiefs and men requiring a tin-opener to remove themselves from the steel wardrobe they are enclosed within.

Not, for example, sitting on a beam having a pillow fight. Or anything.

Match One was an internal for the other side. Being of a club whose typical membership is infamous for their rejection of modern values such as Sunlight, and instead worshippers of the ancient god Sloth, we had but five members of the six required. Despite pleading and cajoling the members whose contribution to the team was to sit at the sidelines, we were forced to hire a member of the other team for this event.

We still lost.

Match Two could become infamous for the catfight of the decade. Our own, our very own, Ari took the fight with an unnamed member of the fencing squad and threw the pillows with the full force of either enthusiasm or honed training.

And stayed there.

For Four minutes, each second felt by each member of the team, the ladies sat upon their pole, swinging the sacks of down at various parts of the others anatomy. Neither doing enough damage to knock the other from her perch. The draw was eventually announced.

The match between Nick and the fencer known as Rhino was epic. debespecaled, Your corespondant threw his weapon at the blurred form of his counterpart, realising at the last instant that his balance was not quite there. Fortunately he regained it before his opponent did, and the Rhino went crashing to the mat.

Similar duels were fought, but being against the fencing club, we lost.

See a pattern here?

Three: Tug Of War

One Rope, Three Cones, One Ribbon. If the Ribbon passes either of the outside cones you lose. The rules of Tug of War are traditional, but we couldn’t lose. After all, we had something the other team didn’t.


Bee’s masterful positioning of the team for maximum effect probably caused us to lose slower than we would have done otherwise.

But lose we still did.

Four: Velcro Olympics

Nothing could prepare us for this. This is the most evil, sadistic toruture device ever created since The Phantom Menace. It was an inflatable obstacle course lined with the felt-side of Velcro. We had to wander through it in suits made of the rough side of Velcro. It is a killer.

The course is a follows: It starts with a six foot wall which you have to heave yourself over with assistance from the management, which you jump off into a forest of foot-diameter inflatable poles, through a hoop and under a cargo-net. Over and under some horizontal poles and though three feet of Velcro-lined tunnel, then run round to the start of the course.

The first hurdle was the suits. There were six, small, medium and slightly above medium, so some people had difficulty getting the suits on. Then there is the Wall.

Words cannot describe the evil of that course. I did it twice, and both times I got stuck at the tunnel at the end. As I type (at eight in the evening, some 32 hours since it was over) my shoulders still ache. After we lost that (Nine-Two) we staggered into the beer tent.

Usually people stagger out of the tent, but anyway…

Five: Boat Race I

Five was the Boat Race, Alcohol version, again against the Fencing Team.

This was a special event for two reasons, one it was the first alcohol and the other…

It started with Ari at the front, Half a pint of LCL (Reputedly “Lose Control Lager”) was downed quicker than a fox down a burrow with half the royal family after it, Bee’s performance equally stunning and my own no less quick. Sheep followed on and the illustrious president Jonny downed his with time to spare, mainly because the other team was still on their third person.

WE WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yey! Wahoo! Three Cheers! We find something we are better at. Drinking!

This turnaround in our fortunes was quickly used to it’s fullest effect, Beating all other teams at the Basketball Shootout except two as we headed into the final event…

Seven: The Boat Race II

Row, Row, Row your boat
Gently down the Wear
Drunkenly, Drunkenly, Drunkenly, Drunkenly.
Nothing left to fear

The team went on with an agreement not to push anyone in the water (‘coz doing so would result in a) disqualification and b) the worst case of pebbledashing your loo has ever seen) into the Boat Race mark 2, the Rowing Bit. With our Helmsman Jon (Left and Right painted on the wrong hands) shouting “Row ya bastards” ever so often, and alternate cries of “Left” “Right” and “Large Yellow Pole!” How could we lose?

Eight: The Wooden Spoon

And so we decamped to the Bonded, where we collected our Wooden Spoon trophy with thanks. I remember alcohol, Karioke, More Alcohol, More Karioke, and then standing about half an hour in the Manor Quay (nightclub) before almost falling asleep at a table. Then I found a taxi and went home. One of my flatmates described my entrance as “You just fell into your room”. I awoke this morning with a hangover.

Dunno Why.

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Linux V Windows

About the author.

Nicholas Avenell was, this time last year (And now it draws ever closer to the start of 2001) a Linux Newbie. He had installed Redhat 5.2 once for a week, failed to understand it, and reformatted the drive to Windows. He has worked, and is working, as a Microsoft Troubleshooter for a range of small companies and individuals stretched across the UK. When he expressed an interest in Linux, a friend gave him Caldera OpenLinux 2.3 and Slackware 4 (of which he has only installed Caldera), but a reputation for “Newbie Friendlyness” drove him to the shores of Mandrake a few months later. He recently made the switch to the mighty swirl (Debian), after a bad experience with the Mandrake 7.1 updater, which wouldn’t let him upgrade without formatting his Windows C drive. He is happily apt-getting as of now, and can be reached at

Why is the above before the main document? Because in order to understand this paper, you must know from where I speak. I am one of those “difficult” linux users that support desks hate so much. The whole point of running Linux was, for me, more understanding than actually getting it working, so when I asked a question, I found the answer, and then kept asking the source “Why?” until I understood. This is one of the reasons that I abandoned Mandrake, because it gives you this almost Mac-like “you don’t need to see this part, so i won’t show you, and if you try to find out, I’ll cry” simplicity. Debian then though me in at the deep end.


Why Use Linux?

Because It’s Cool. Because it will work with an old box, because it’s a great feeling when you get it working, because it’s free, because it sucks less than windows, because I say so. Or, in my case, because it is a useful thing to know for the Big Wide World.

Why Not Use Linux?

Because you don’t understand it, because you don’t want to have to understand it (and you need to understand Linux), Because it’s there, because it’s easy, because you can pay for tech support, because you know people who can help you, because it looks nice, because it runs Monkey Island 4.

Why Run Both?

Because you answered “yes” to one or more question in each section.

Why? – Linux

Because It’s Cool

Linux is not Geek Cred. Running your own Linux box does not mean you are a super megageek, capable of leaping tall TCP/IP stacks in a single bound, Find a Linux Advocacy group, or pick a random Slashdot story and read the comments on that. There are arseholes in the Linux community, as there are arseholes everywhere. Linux no longer requires copious amounts of Clue to install.

But Linux is A Good Thing. It is easy to use, free, and part of the Open Source revolution. The programmers may have been revolting, but now they are politically so as well. It’s diplomatic (In the sense of “Anyone can help” rather than the back-stabbing Risk-like game), and It’s open. It’s insecurities are known, and therefore work aroundable, and it’s a spit in the eye to the Microserfs 🙂

Because it will work with an old box

Linux will work with any box with a chip newer than a 386 and a small amount of memory. If you want to use Graphical interfaces, you will need higher specs, and if you have Weird Hardware you may need a moderate amount of playing to get it into the Real World.

Because It’s A Great Feeling When You Get It Working

If you have a problem, or you embark upon a Quest to get something working, the feeling that you get when you solve it is great, in this as with everything. Challenge is the spice of life.

Because It’s Free

As in “Speech”. You can do what you like to it, you can recompile the code changing all instances of “Hello” to “Hi There”, you can look at the source code, see how it works, poke under the bonnet. You can re badge it and sell it at a profit, providing you don’t limit anyone elses right to do the same.

As in “Beer”. ISOs (CD Images) are available for most, if not all, linux distributions (Some fit onto disks) are available by FTP, or you can, quite legitimately, get a copy from a friend (Though they might (and probably will) charge for the CD)

Because It Sucks Less Than Windows

Windows Crashes more than Linux does.

Because It Is A Useful Thing To Know For The Big Wide World

Most of the worlds Internet servers run on a UNIX-based OS, Many office networks do, and most Academic systems do to. It’s Useful.

Why? – Windows

Because You Don’t Understand It

You don’t need to understand windows to use it. The basic interface for windows is (for 99% of all applications) The same. There is the Start button, Launch your program, There is the file menu, the edit menu, the Help menu. Use one GUI and you can grasp the basics of them all. When you start noticing how much this matters is when you move to a program designed on/for a Mac, where there is less of a standard, or to *nix, where there is *no* standard. Also, in order to run windows you click the buttons. You don’t need to know the commands, the syntax, the format. (And yes, I know there is the command prompt under windows, but you don’t need it to run a program. It’s an option, like X is under Linux)

Because it does what you want it to

Linux plays DVDs badly. It plays games reluctantly (You try installing Quake III under a modern distro, see how far you get), and runs Office and Photoshop not at all. The purists will say “Yeah, but you can use $FOO, $BAR, $BAZ and $QUX instead, but that’s not the point. The *point* is that you know how to do the task under Windows, learning how to do it under Linux is *far* slower than just launching up the app in windows, and in many cases not as good.

Because it’s a necessity for the Big Wide World

For every office whose workstations run on Linux, you will find many more that run under Windows. Microsoft Office is the standard office product at the moment, and if your office cannot accept MS Office files, you will lose business. By shear force of market-share, you must be able to accept word attachments somehow.

That doesn’t apply to everyone. That applies to me especially, because my primary admin system is of a company whose job it is to deal with Documents (Word document in, Mail merge with Excel Spreadsheet, place in envelope, post), but also every company that has to deal with many other companies. This description covers most of the world of commerce.

This document is not finished, As people find me arguments about what I said here, I will continue to attempt to shoot them down in flames, and to update this document. So Email me at, and lets see how far this goes…

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Mailing Lists

Many to Many pointlessness
In all of these, replace “LISTNAME” with your list identifier.

Public Lists on Aquarionics

  • afpmovie – the list for the discussion and announcement of the AFP Movie Project
  • bostridge – A list for the discussion and non-discussion of someone who is apparently the worlds most wonderfully wonderful singer.
  • tec – The AFE Eosian Council Mailinglist
  • afpnomic – Alt Fan Pratchett’s Nomic game. Subscriptions are moderated.

Simple Stuff

To subscribe to a list, send a message to: You will be subscribed from the address you sent it.

To remove your address from the list, just send a message to the address in the “List-Unsubscribe” header of any list
message. If you haven’t changed addresses since subscribing, you can also send a message to:

Less Simple Stuff:


Send mail to the following for info and FAQ for this list:

Archive Retrival

To get messages 123 through 145 (a maximum of 100 per request), mail:

To get an index with subject and author for messages 123-456, mail:

To receive all messages with the same subject as message 12345,
send an empty message to:

The messages do not really need to be empty, but I will ignore
their content. Only the ADDRESS you send to is important.

Subscription to alternitive addresses

You can start a subscription for an alternate address,
for example “john@host.domain”, just add a hyphen and your
address (with ‘=’ instead of ‘@’) after the command word:

To stop subscription for this address, mail:

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Napster Good.

Where were you when you heard about Napster? Personally, I’m not totally sure. It was a fair while before I tried to use the system, and when I did it wasn’t very much, But I still belive Napster is A Good Thing and A Bad Thing because I belive in the concept of Abandonware.

Abandonware is software that is now unsupported by the people who originally made it. The term was coined for the Gaming industry for games that – due to the shifting sands of publishers and developers – are no longer either owned or acknolaged by the people who originally created them. There are spots in the darkness, Stuff like Elite – which is still being argued over today, and there are also black holes: Stuff like the anchient Atari games (Pong, Space Invaders, Centipiede, etc.) which were bought by Hasbro and turned into Spinny-Rotaty-Neatocool 3D versions. Which were crap. But I digress. There are games that have fallen out of the back catalogue. Like Lemmings 2, orginally created by DMA Design for Psygnosis was lost when Psygnosis were bought by Sony. You cannot and will not find this game supported anywhere, because DMA are on to GTA3 and their new bits and are no longer affilated with Psygnosis (Who own Lemmings, AFAIK), and Psygnosis no longer acnolage it because it is no longer part of their structure. Vanished.

So people who have the game put it online. There is no way Psygnosis would make money from it anyway, because they don’t support it anymore, and there are no new productions. People who want these games actually want these games. But Copyright law means that you can’t distribute it unless you are given permisson to by the creator/owner. This is why I support (From a distance – I’ve never actually used it) things like Freeloader, which allows you to download (fairly recent) games in return for eyeballing a few adverts, and I also occasionally trawl the Abandonware sites when – in a fit of nostagia – I want to play some old game I lost the disks for ages ago, Or owned the Amiga version of, or always wanted to play. I point out for the record that I am no longer a Software Pirate. Back in my Amiga days, I had the occasionally copied game – who didn’t? – but when I decided it would be in my interests to pay for the games I played (if only so there would continue to be games in the future) I formatted all the pirate disks I had. I’m digressing again.

To sum up the above paragraph, Abandonware Good. So why Napster Good?

Napster is (was) a fantastic source of the musical equivalent of Abandonware, stuff you would never ever buy, or possibly even find, but could now listen too. Unfortuanatly with the technology was the ability to put everyhing online, including all the stuff the record companies are selling in stores up and down the country, across the world. and including the stuff that is actually making artists money. This is coming into the Information Wants To Be Free argument, which is another rant in the brewing, which states that the imporant thing is the creation of the information or the art, The payment is secondary. Unfortunatly it’s a necessary secondary, In order to continue the Art you must feed, clothe and house yourself and those dependant on you for food, clothing and shelter, and in the society we live in you cannot do this. Artists and Information Gatherers alike require sponsership of activities. And if you are giving away for free what they need to sell for money, then you maybe are depriving the future, because they may be forced to give up and do something that actually pays.

Like web design.

(Hint, Do I want to sell my soul? No. In an ideal world, I’d write for a living, or invent websites, Or combine the two and get paid for Aquarionics. This is not an ideal world, so I am jobhunting)

This started with Napster, so it goes back. The tracks I have downloaded Napster have been:

  • They Might Be Giants tracks
  • Tom Leher tracks.
  • Random Whim Tracks

Of the above, I have bought the two TMBG albums that contain the tracks I downloaded and the entire TL back catalogue. Some of the Random Whims I would like to buy the albums for but can’t because they don’t sell/ship them here, some were just random things I wanted to hear again. None of the tracks I havn’t bought are things I would actually pay for, usually because they are single tracks from entire albums/box-sets, and not even I will spend

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You must have seen them, Anytime a community decides it has enough members it creates a code that is un-identifiable as anything unless you feed it into a certain web page.

My collection is below

“Forget Quotes, Lets have some unidentifyable codes!”- anon, RIP

—– Begin Geekcode block ———–

1998: GCS/LS/PA d+(-) s+:+ a— C++++ U? P+ L !E W++ N+++ o? K- w+++++ O- M? V? PS+ PE++ Y+ PGP- t+ 5- X– R tv++ b++++ DI+++ D++ G e* h! r y?
2000: GCS/PA d+(-) s+:+ a– C++ L++ P+ E- W+++ N+++ o K w+ O- M- V- PS PE Y+ PGP+ t+ 5 X- R/+ !tv b++++ DI+++ D++ G++ e h+ r– y?
2002: GCM/GPA d+ s+:+ a– C+++ U+++ P+ L++ E- W+++ N++ o>++ K w+++ O- M V- PS+ PE- Y+ PGP++ t@ 5 X R tv b+++ DI++ D+ G++ e+ h r++ y?

2004: GCS$/PA d s+:+ a– C+++ L++$ P+ E— W+++$ N+++ o K w O- M>++ V- PS+ PE- Y+ PGP++ t+@ 5++ X R+ !tv b+++ DI++++ D++ G++ E+ h- r++ y?

2006: GCM/GCS d/+ s+:+ a- C+++ L++++ U++ P++ E- W+++ N+++ o K w O- M++ V- PE Y+ PGP++ t+ 5+++ X+ R++ tv b+++ DI++ D++ G++ e+ h+ r% y?

2008: GCM/GCA d+(-) s+:+ a- C+++ L++ P+ E— W++++$ N+ o++ K w O– M++$ V- PS++@ PE Y+ PGP++ t 5++ X- R++ tv b++ DI++ D++ G++ e+ h r- y?
—— End Geekcodeblock ————

—– Begin AFECodeblock ———–

<!– AFE dg- ka+ d++ m++ ot++ b+ tq- i++ c+ l afec++ a>++ f++ fsET –>
AFE dg+ ka+>- d+>++ m++ ot++ b+ tq- i++ c- l afec++ a++ f++ fsET

—— End AFECodeblock ————

—– Begin AFPCodeblock ———–

AFP Code 1.1a
1998: AC/APA-UK d+ s+:+ a– u+ R++ F++ h+ p- OS++:+++ C+++ M– pp— L+ c B+ Cn PT– Pu68+ 5 X– MT+++ E+ r++ y?
2000: AC/APA-UK d+ s+:+ a- U++ R++ F++++ h P- OSU–:++ C++++ M pp++ L+ Ia* W+ c++ B+ Cn-::+++ CC2000+ PT Pu50 5- X– MT+++ eV r>+ y?
2002: AC-UK d+ s+:+ a- UP++ R+ F++++ h P! OS:+ C+++ M pp+ L+ Ia** W+ c- B+ Cn-::++:+++ CC-:-:-:++:++ PT+ Pu41 5 X– MT+++ eV++ rp+++ y?
2006: AC d/+ s+:+ a- U+++ R+++ F++++ h P– OS+:+ C++ pp+ L+ I+ W+++ c++ B++ Cn+ CC+ PT+++ Pu? 5+++ X MT+++ e+/++ rp y?

—— End AFPCodeblock ————

—– Begin Gothcode ———–

21/09/01: uYiiba3qaZaaiaaabbaa34e$FSPZu_nZfvfibZab1aaaTb5c4Gca5iGaqmqmceaiaNc#B!blpk5aaarNbqiUGZHelaabaqgbKent

—— End Gothcode ————

—– Begin Britcode ———–

H—;– a– s++;++ hb- b- m- y X P- S- M++ R A- C— T— TV+ Ci Mu++ Am+ Ac— B+++ V-

—— End Britcode ————

—– Begin Legocode ———–

DU++(3) FS-(@20) FB?(0) HM-(0) BV-(0) TO++(5) BO-(1) TR+++(0>>>) PA?(0) SP+(3) CA++++(10) PI-(5) AQ–(2) MT?(0) TC++(3) MOC+(!) S LS– Hsu A– YB81m

—— End Legocode ————

—– Begin Magiccode ———–

MCH/O S+++ W++ N++ PCH/SG+ Ds !Dd !Dr A a C+ G- Q- 666– Y

—— End Magiccode ————

—– Begin Blogcode———–

2000: B7 d++ t++ k++ s u f i++ o++ x+ e+ l+ c–
2002: B8 d++ t++ k+ s u f i+ o++ x+ e+ l+ c–
2004: B9 d++ t++ k+ s+ u f i+ o++ x+ e l c–
2006: B9 d++ t++ k+ s u- f i+ o++ x+ e+ l c–

—— End Blogcode————

The Aquarionics CODE!

AQ- = I do not have an Aquarionics code
AQ+ = I Do have an Aquarionics code and this is it.
AQ? = What the hell is an Aquarionics code anyway?

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People want custom T-Shirts for CCDE, tEC, & Other Things. I know a company who has just bought a new machine for the creation of such things, So I became a reseller for them.

How does it work?

Basically, you send me an e-mail with what you want on your shirt on it, then I send you a confirmation of that order, then you send me the image files (if applicable). I then get it made, and post it to you, or wait for CCDE and give it to you there in return for the money

How much does it cost?

Basic cost is