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Do you know what’s depressing?

Trying to find a job, for starters.

I have, you see, entered the job-market at possibly the worst possible moment for me to do so. Not least because most of my qualifications are either being phased out or are widely regarded as worth little more than the paper they are printed on. Also because the two things I *am* qualified to do – Content-driven dynamic site design & assistance of systems administration – are something of a luxury in an industry that is currently finding large amounts of difficulty staying afloat. I know HTML, CSS, RSS, WAI, and a whole load of inexplicable acronyms better than 98% of all the “web designers” out there, and yet cannot find a job simply because there aren’t any out there.

The only thing worse than being told there aren’t any jobs out there is being told there *are*, in fact, many jobs out there for entrance people, on the basis you don’t have to pay so much for them. The market is so stuffed with ex dot-comers who have experience and other things that cost money to hire that businesses are trying extremely hard to find cheap people they can train as they need to.

This is depressing, because it means that instead of not being hired because there aren’t any jobs, my CV is being looked at and then discarded. I’m not actually able to win here, and I have a feeling that if I carry on doing this for very much longer, it’s all going to seem like a total waste of time, and I’m going to go depressed again, which is unlikely to help my job prospects any. Also it will mean that there will be no *way* I’ll get project Geekhouse together in time for Lonecat not having to go home for Easter.

A prospect that, to be realistic for a moment, isn’t terribly likely to happen now, since in order for it to happen by the end of March I have to have been working for long enough to get at least one paycheck, which means starting within the next 11 days, when I’m not even having phone calls returned.

See? Fun. Progress reports will be continually posted to the Geekhouse subsite.

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