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Segwaiting for the bus.

* Teut saw piccies of the Segway today
<Ludmila> …whcih would be…?
<Aquarion> AKA “Project Ginger
<Ludmila> which is…?
<Aquarion> “So today the mysterious Project Ginger – The thing that everyone suspected was going to be a scooter – was announced. And it was announced that it was, in fact, a scooter.
<Aquarion> Aiming to fill the void between the ease of walking, and the speed of driving.
<Aquarion> For all those people who have never heard of the bicycle.
<Aquarion> “
<Teut> Or moped
<Teut> Doesn’t looks as daft as I’d imagined
<Teut> And, I have to confess, it has a fairly large “I want one of those” factor
<Aquarion> “How are you getting to tEC6 then?”
<Aquarion> “Segway
<Aquarion> Apparently it automatically senses when you want to go forward, or stop, or turn around.
<Aquarion> So riding it to work is probably not a good move
<Aquarion> “So, Jones, Why are you late for work?”
<Aquarion> “My Segway wanted to go home”
<– Ludmila pulls a ladder from the wall and climbs out, saying “2.8.2-EPIC3.004+Kasi — just do it.”
<Teut> Nah, it senses which way you lean
* Teut thinks that they might take some getting used to
–> Ludmila ( drops though the trapdoor into #eddings
<Aquarion> *nod*
<Teut> But, come one, how could it *not* be worth it?
<Aquarion> Er, by being $3000?
<Teut> So? It’s only

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Fork Off

And so a new Aquarionics Project is formed, in the shape of Geekhouse. This will become the base for me attempting to move to Cambridge. It basically exists to make me feel guilty that I haven’t done anything yet 🙂

In order to do this, I have done something I didn’t want to do. I have forked off the code from Aquarionics 3.1c. Right now there exists 3.1d (Which is running Aquarionics, and is 3.1c patched to enable me to host more than one weblog from a single database (The “Projects” patch) and Aquarionics 3.2, which is currently running on the playground (My test server, if you know the address of the old test site, go forth and visit :-)) which is a complete backend reshuffle of the Klide engine to make it easier to design a site around it. And that hasn’t yet got the Projects Patch.

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Take the What Cat Are You? test by webkin!

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Meet the meet

So I was bored, and so I went to a Cambridge meet.

Well, not strictly true. I was bored on friday, so me and Rosemary conspired to hold an Instameet on Wednesday, as in Yesterday.

So we did.

Our story starts on a bleak winters morning, early. It takes between two and three hours to get from TFTOPW to Cambridge, So, with the meeting arranged at a pub in Cambs at 1500, I began my journey at 1200.

I’ve done this “Train Timetable” thing before.

So verily and thusly did I exit my abode, filled with the joy of life and the excitement of the meet in the near future.

Then I went back home because I’d forgotten my phone.

I got to the Station at a dead run – Dead being an operative word here – and read a sign that mentioned “Signalling problems at (Somewhere), Severe delays” with mention that they were currently waiting for the 10:00 train. It was now 12:18. Next train was due at 12:30, so I wandered to and from the village, buying a paper to read on the train, then the station manager said that he’d managed to hire a bus to take us to the next station on the line, where we could get a train.

12:45 TFTOPW –> 13:10 Tonbridge.

Get on train going to London. Am told this train is now cancelled. Exchange witty banter with train driver, who knows as much about WTF is happening as I do.

13:45 Tonbridge –> 14:55 London Bridge.

15:00 London Bridge –> 15:20 London, Kings Cross. Platform 9 3/4

Yes, in honour of the Harry Potter movie, Kings Cross station is indeed plastered with “No Spellcasting!!” signs, and Platform 9b is clearly labled 9 3/4. And, for referance, the platform they use in the movie is in fact Platform 5, which goes to Peterbough, Grantham, York, Newcastle, Lots of other places, and normally terminates in Edinbough, a fair way away from where the Hogwarts Exterior was shot. But it passes though Durham, where the interiors were filmed. Aquarionics, Trivia for the masses since the January 1st, 2000.

At 15:45 my train left, ETA in Cambridge of 16:30, which I text messaged Rosie…

15:45 Kings Cross –> 16:45 Cambridge.

Long walk to pub, and then the meet began. There was Chocolate. There was Geekary. There was Pol, Rosie, Thomas, Tautch, Me, Cookie, Peter and Julie. By the powers of Virtual Meet Technology ™ there was a Lonecat (Hurrah for mobile phones). There was a Trivia Quiz, and there were drinks.

Typical Cambridge meet, really.

After the pub shut (About 23:30) we (Minus Thomas and Pol, who had to go to their respective homes) went to Cookie’s house so I could claim the shirt that I’d left there at a previous meet, and borrow a book. We drank (Very nice) whiskey, and geeked, then Peter and Julie wandered home, so we played Amiga games, and geeked.
We (Just Me and Rosie now) left there at about 2am to return to King’s College, where Rosie lives, where we found her friends and watched Meaning Of Life and played Cards, Cludo and Connect Four.

By 06:00, it was decided that bed was probably a good idea, so we wended our weary way upstairs…

…and spent another hour talking about Speculation, and what could happen in the Discworld next.

At about 7am, sleep overtook us, and we finally gave in…


Okay, *more* of Thursday, technically. We awoke at about 12, IRC’d, geeked, talked, and vowed to write up our conversation last night for the Discworld Speculation list. We wandered out for lunch, got distracted by an incredibly shiny shop called “Games and puzzles”, which sells… well, games and Puzzles, and Posiedoll knows the owner, so we talked to them for a while… then lunch… *nice* fudge… irc… Writing of notes for Speculation… more speculation… more irc…

We went to a noodle-bar type thing for dinner(For those who have been introduced to Wagamama, it’s very much like that), which was very nice… more speculation… Back to Rosie’s flat… more speculation & putting rights to the world… and at 20:00 we left for the station, where there was a train just about to leave. Very quick hugs, See-you-soons, and home by 23:00 (Not much delay there, since the train left Cambs at 20:30. Nice jouney, in fact. Apart from the people geeking bicycles loudly while I was catching up on sleep 🙂

All in all, a wonderful and relaxing meet. Thanks for Rosie for putting up with me, and everyone who came along. I will move there, promise.

Oh, Yes. The question has been asked “Why didn’t you go to Bath to see Lonecat, if you were wandering around?” and the reason is twofold. Firstly, my wonderful girlfriend is currently doing Courseworky Deadliney things, which are Not Nice, and the last thing she needs right now is another distraction. Having said that, I’ve just read her diary, and I’m really not happy that I wasn’t around when she needed to talk to me 🙁

The second thing is less obvious. I belong in Cambridge.

Every time I go to Cambridge, I get this feeling of… well… belonging. I didn’t belong in Sunderland, and I don’t feel it here. Parts of London I can see myself living in, but the place I have the strongest… well, vibe for, is Cambridge. And every time I go there, I reaffirm and increase my desire to get my arse in gear and *move* there.

And this will happen

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Usenet Stats

Number of groups Aquarion is subscribed to:


Number of hits on for author:Aquarion


Number of those from AFP

about 1,160

Hits for “Aquarion” where the author is *not* Aquarion

about 5,520

Groups Aquarion has never subscribed to, yet quote him:


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Evil Genius

Which Evil Criminal are You?

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Advert Calender

Oh, hello.

No, I haven’t forgotten that I’m supposed to be writing here, but life is pretty dull at the moment. I’ve gone back into ASR, and failed to be flamed into pork crackling, I’ve managed to get my arse in gear to get NSD back in the land of the living, I’ve even started the long awaited Project Albatross, since the Internet seems to be lacking in an open story archive and critique site.

And no, you don’t get fucking wafers with it.


Also I started work on the long awaited, and dreaded, AFPantomime, currently being posted to AFP in 24 bitesize chunks. I’m currently a day ahead, but that’ll stop being true in exactly 1.5 hours…

Oh, and I sucessfully set up a Cambsmeet with Rosie for Wednesday. Go me 🙂

No, still no job, still no money. Merry Christmas.

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If I was a James Bond villain, I would be Auric Goldfinger.

I enjoy golf, gold, and bisecting people with industrial lasers.

I am played by Gert Fr