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na@delirium:~/bin$ cat random-album.pls | playfile

That’s the result of today’s work. Instead of randomy going though 1800 files in a horrible disjointed fashion, the new system plays the contents of 293 directories in a random order. Which means I get the whole of The Divine Comedy’s Regeneration, followed by Spiritualized and then Splashdown, floating me on a wave of deep music before dumping me into the cold reality of the Happy Happy Joy Joy Song.

Okay, it’s not perfect yet 🙂

Following on from the reconstruction of Aquarionics, the modernization of the scripts that admin parts of my home network and the creation of the Calender system, on top of the reinstallation of Linux onto my workstation, it looks like I’m back into ‘Hacker’ mode. Yay of much positive yayness.

Now to get my life back together…

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