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Listening to BT Playlist. All Breakfast At Tiffanys covers, All of the time 🙂

Okay, Yes, it’s one of my favourite songs ever. Sosueme 🙂

An entertaining day spent hacking other people’s code to create the new gallery (A fusion of PHP, Perl, and strong background colours. Neatocool) followed by a trip to the bank in order to sort out my life slightly.

Basically, the bank wanted to take away my overdraft, and I would prefer that not to happen, since that would put me so deep into the brown stuff that it may take me a serious amount of time to get out. So I talked it though with them, and they agreed, and I shifted some money from deepestly deep emergancy savings accounts, and can now afford to exist, if not to go down to places like Bath.

Although I’m working on that.

Lonecat has been joining clubs, and that has brought to the forefront of my mind my truely pathetic RL social life in the local area. So I sent an SMS out to an old friend, and now I’m going out for a drink tonight.

Okay, so it’s someone that has fucked up my life a couple of times before, but I have a girlfriend now, and I’m quite a bit more stable. I think I can get though this evening without a breakdown. If I can, that bodes well for the future.

I went into Game today. And HMV. And Globe (a Gadget-type-shop). And a Bookshop with *all* the Sandman books, and I *still* have my money. And that was even *before* I knew I was going out, This “Self Will” thing seems to be growing. Maybe it’s catching from Lonecat in the same way she keeps comitting puns…

This influance thing seems to be going both ways 🙂

Ah, yes, Things to add to Klide: A Spelling Checker

But dinner calls, so I must away and go forth. TTFN, jellybeans.

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