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Sorry, No High Score

Exams over. Never again do I have to take a Higher National Diploma Exam, after two years I’m finally out of the University, and after 15 years I have finally left the educational system in the UK. Admitedly, it’s only a tempory break while I earn enough money to go back and do a Degree somewhere, but for the next while I am *outtahere*.

Or not. Quite. I still am living in Sunderland, and I am to remain here for the next two weeks at the very least, before jet-setting off for what may turn out to be the worlds most random summer. I intend to learn how to program sites with Perl, PHP and mySQL. Also to be at the Alt.Fan.Eddings meet (tEC) the Alt.fan.Pratchett meet (CCDE), the first ever Alt.Fan.Douglas-Adams meet (AFDACon, for want of a better name), and any other meets within a radius of Kent. I’m free 🙂

Or not. Quite. I have to be here until the 4th for a Presenation (Meeting I spoke of resolved badly, is probably going Higher Up. Bad Thing) and until the 9th for the AFPMovie Project Auditions. At least I have the Internet, I hear you say…

Or not. Quite. I have to get the final bill for the phone, which means leaving enough time for the bill to get through before I leave, so for the period between the Cutoff and Me Going Home I will be ABEND (Absent By Enforced Net Deprevation) for a while. Bad Thing. I’ll try to leave enough new content to tide you over, however 🙂

Or not. Quite. I have to write the buggers first 🙂

A couple of new things, The Friends page has been upgraded to new URLs and new peoples, and I’ve set up a new site for some of the pictures I keep meaning to get online. The Aquarionic Gallery is at http://natech.future.easyspace.com/gallery/ (Links will appear in the menu soonish, The reason they are not on Aquarionics is because I think I’m getting close to my space limit (40mb? Yeash, how’d it get that big in a year?) and when I do that my hosts randomly delete directories. (And I haven’t got backups of much of it).

Coming soon: New edition of Terra Incognita, New Stories, a New Article on Shopping, and Aquarion buried beneath a pile of ToDo Lists 🙂

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