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“Everybody wears a mask” – lonecat

“It’s just another facade” – N

[18:33:35] (N) you’re going dichotomous again
[18:34:10] (Aquarion) I never left.

I started this entry, entitled, after the first quote.

Within minutes I had an entry composed about the differance between Nick, Nicholas and Aquarion. In particuler, why I *really* hate(d) being refered to as “Nick”

Bombshells dropped. And so I change.

Everyone lives behind Masques. I assume one day, I may meet someone to whom I put up no masque at all, someone who I can really tell what I think and my dreams. Hah.

I have many masques. On the factfile are some of the myriad of names I’ve been known as online. Aquarion isn’t me. Nick isn’t me. Macavity and Jascain arn’t me. Simon Merlin is almost me, to start with. The closest to me most people will ever get is the words on this webpage. And that’s a good reason why it’s here, I think.

That’s turned out like an echo of the entry that sparked it off. Oh well.

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