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(Person (Brian) posted a test message to comp.sys.sinclair. He got mildly flamed. He retailiated as follows:
Quoth the Bryce Montague, Nevermore.
>How come all you nerds are so violent?

Speak for your self! Personally I have no desire to rip your head from your body and tear it into small pieces and scatter them to the winds

I have also no desire to tear off all but one of the fingers on your
hands and leave the final index fingers pointing forever at the news
group alt.test

Further more, any desire I have to detach your feet from your ankles
with the aid of a blunt axe is purely hypothetical and not even close
to anything in this, or any other possible, universe.


Aqua-“It would have to be a /sharp/ axe”-rion

I enjoyed writing this message, so I post it here. 🙂

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