26. 09. 2013

Pop Culture Consumerism: Grand Theft on Automatic

There’s this parody of Fox news in the game, but it’s called Weasel News, and they fill your radio every hour on the hour with sensationalized claptrap turning every news story into a...

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25. 09. 2013
2013-09-25 14.33.56

Pop Culture Consumerism: The iPhone 5s

GTAV tomorrow. Today: The iPhone 5s It’s two years  to the week since I bought an iPhone 4S on a two year contract from Three. Thus, my contract is up for renewal just...

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20. 07. 2013

The case of the broken iPhone

My previous iPhone was a 3G. Over the two years I used it, it was replaced three times. Once when it was stolen, once when the screen went weird, and once when it...

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17. 07. 2013


Wizards of the Coast were really mean to Neverwinter when they released fourth edition. We’re talking full Sigil level, someone in the dev-team just doesn’t like you, burn to foundations and salt the earth,...

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27. 06. 2013
Love it or hate it. (Picture by celeste hodges on flickr, used under CC Licence)

On Marmite

06/02/2012 Last Wednesday, I did something I hate with a passion I usually reserve for Marmite or Mirror of her Dreams, and I resigned myself to the beige inevitablity of registering as unemployed...

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24. 06. 2013
Unfinished II

Unfinished II

More draft entries that I never actually posted. A continuing series (Mostly haven’t posted. I have occasionally cannibalized this archive for pithy quotes on facebook) On Doctor Who: Really? You think that being the...

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10. 05. 2013

Methods of employment and its ending

My first job, I got though a friend I met on IRC. It was a contract job, which ended. (3 months) My second job, I applied direct. The company died, and the job...

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13. 04. 2013

I hit it with my axe – Approaches to LARP

There are three forms of LARP, traditionally. Or three approaches. They are: Narrativist: I hit it with my axe because for generations before me, my ancestors have hit things with axes. This axe...

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02. 04. 2013

Empire One, Weather Nil

So that was our show. Or, rather, this was: (Photos in this post by Tom Garnett, reproduced under a CC-A licence, more available on Facebook) I’m told that was the coldest Easter for...

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24. 03. 2013

Found Your Own Empire

There isn’t a whistle that will blow in 5 days, 11 hours, 48 minutes. But that’s when Empire will time in, and – with any luck – somewhere above to 1500 players will start...

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