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On the plus side, if ever there was a good day to have a paternalistic, patronising, patrioteer government who doesn’t believe its citizens should be trusted to operate the heavy machinery of government, it’s today. Maybe they will just ignore the will of the people. An announcement in a year: “After negotiation with the EU and a number of concessions, we have decided that leaving would not be in the interests of this country”
Nah. We’ve lost today. Dollar to Pound is at its highest rate since 1985. UKIP’s grinning. Stock Market’s going to be absolutely awful. And we haven’t even actually lost any of the protections, agreements and treaties that fall into our EU membership.
Scotland went remain, but almost every district in the UK went Leave. As ever, the binary final decision at the local level doesn’t reflect the closeness of the result. This isn’t a clear win.
I think there should be a 10% gap in the middle of referenda. Maybe for all elections, where “None of the above” lives if not as a choosable option, than as an inference that the decision’s close enough that the result cannot really be assumed to be representative.
Maybe that’s just the bitter tears of the losing side though. Today, though, I think we’re all the losing side.
  1. Entirely right about the +- leeway of course (hugely saner to rerun it in 5-10 years or something if close), but DC didn’t imagine he’d ever lose.

    It seems to have turned me incredibly nolstagic for some reason. Not sure we ever really did replace usenet.

    1. No, I don’t think we ever did. Reddit is close, but the tone is so different, and it’s so owned.

      1. Reddit is also quite American somehow. Looking back its rather remarkable how English AFE was.
        (Not that there was the slightest objective reason for it to be that way of course.).

        Oh well 🙂 All things must pass.

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