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It’s 23:34, as I type this, on January 26th 2019. Significant only because it’s Austrailia day, and the day after Burns Night, and therefore also my birthday. I’m 38. Gosh.

I’ve been writing these posts on this site as it ebbs and wanes since I was 18, although it was a couple of years since it moved to this domain, usually with some numerical joke about my age. This year I’m mostly ignoring it. I might have a not-birthday party in six months or so, see what a summer birthday without the likelihood of inclement bagpipes is.

I didn’t do much introspection as the year changed, and despite attempting to ignore it, it’s preying on me a bit. Last year, not even counting the national and international trash-fires, was a… let’s say a curate’s egg.

I went an entire year without changing job, and I’m coming up on two years at the same company, which is very nearly a record. I celebrated my tenth anniversary of going out with Fyr, which is nice, and some changes to the flat have made it a lot nicer as a living space.

On the other side, I started the year unable to walk due to a severely buggered ankle, I was diagnosed with diabetes and depression (both a mixed result, as it does mean I’m actually getting treatment for both), and the last half of the year I was preoccupied with a series of close-range mortar strikes in my local social circle which, where most didn’t hit me directly, cause ongoing distress and pain to people I care a lot about.

I’m looking forward to travelling more – both personally and professionally – and I’ve got my first honest-to-goodness “actually go somewhere else” holiday booked for a week coming up, which I’m massively looking forward to. Alba, the new LARP project, has been quite the success so far, and we’ve not even run anything yet. With any luck some of the political mess can resolve positively too, though I don’t hold my breath.

Anyway, I still exist. I still intend to post more things here, but… yeah. It’s a habit I fell out of. My every movement is still tracked on the terrifying megasite, and with any luck I’ll remember to update here more often too.

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