Project Fyr Has Never Seen Star Wars – in which me and my partner watch the first six Star Wars movies – is, roughly eight years after inception, complete. It’s been a rough ride – especially the last three films.

Things I had forgotten: Padme’s such a great character in the first (still awful) prequel. I’m lukewarm on Machete order anyway, and the observation that it means she spends *all* of her screen-time a complete drip instead of just the last two movies probably writes it off. Maybe never knowing is better than the disappointment.

I quite like the “It’s all Jar-Jar’s fault/Jar-Jar is the first Sith Apprentice” theory, but it doesn’t excuse the accent.

Nothing excuses the separatist leader accents either.

Gosh, hasn’t CGI got better?

There’s not a lot about any of the movies that hasn’t been deconstructed to death on this here internet over the last eleven years, but still. I wish they were better, but the last couple are stodgy rather than bad, I think.

Next up: The Force Awakens.