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Today, in Phrases From Aquarion’s Idiom That Appear To Confuse People:

Duck Alignment

e.g. “Most of the morning was spent on duck alignment, but the afternoon went smoothly”

To spend time on personal and project administration in advance, that the actual execution becomes smoother.

lit. To get ones ducks in a row.

Yak Barber

e.g. “Fortunately, I was able to find a yak barber before I spent too long on it”

To export the unexpected pre-requirements of a task to somebody/thing else before it consume your entire day/week/sprint.

Ref. Yak Shaving.

Rocket Car / Giant Robot Feature

e.g. “We’ve got content writing in, and also friends lists, but we’re leaving post permissions as a Rocket Car feature”

A thing that will, in the future, be possible, but is not feasible right now.

Kitten Killing Technology

“I went with CouchDB in the end because Cassandra was too resource intensive and MongoDB basically kills kittens”

Technology with complex and technical flaws in context, the explanation of such is beyond the scope of a simple discussion.

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