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An Insufficiency of tea

Sometime back in the mists of 2005, while I was working at Evolving Media in Bedford, we hired a dedicated sysadmin to solve the increasing problem of the development staff spending more time keeping servers up and secure than developing things. One of the new things I discovered from this person was the existence of Rooibos “Tea”, a phenomenon which had thus far entirely escaped my lifestyle. Rooibos tea isn’t caffinated, and is enjoyed by millions of people all over the world in the style of tea and, apparently, coffee, which I may have to try at some point.

Roobios Tea, via Wikipedia

Anyway, I don’t like Rooibos. To my face they taste like one part masala chai to three parts carpet dust, and whilst I like masala chai, I’m happy to live without carpet dust in my beverage.

My current providers of tea (and supplier of a lot of the contents of the tins in the above photograph) is NBTea.co.uk, providers as – the clue is in the name – Nothing But Tea, who Mr. Williams recommended at me a while back. Recently when I bought a nice glass teapot for my new office from them, they also provided a number of sample packs for random types of tea, and one of these was a sample of the unexpectedly existent, concept of Blueberry Rooibos. This morning, for no other reason than it was Saturday and I was curious, I decided to try it. The slight aspect of carpet dust is still there, but it’s now more like two parts Masala chai to one part carpet dust to two parts blueberries, which is a great improvement. I may even try the blackberry. I’ll report on other side effects as time permits.


Veruca Salt's side effects (Image still from WB's Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory)
  1. I see Jasmine Fairy is one of the samples – I think that’s one of the fancy ones that unfurl. Should look good in your glass teapot!

    (Is that rose oolong too? That’s much more drinkable than I imagined a drink with roses in it to be)

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