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  1. While technically an androgynous name, ‘Jocelyn’ refers almost exclusively to females unless the person in question is a native French-speaker, which I am not. Also, the system of using masculine pronouns to describe anyone, regardless of gender, has lost great favor in the writing community in recent years, and is almost totally not done. That said, were one to refer to a hypothetical third person as ‘he’ when gender the gender of said hypothetical person was yet unknown, I would not begrudge him that right. I, however, am not a hypothetical third person.

    In conclusion, stop calling me ‘he’ on XKCD Explained Explained Explained. I’m a girl. Duh.

    1. Er, yes. The first was failure to pay any attention to the name. Subsequent are entirely inexcusable, sorry. (Actually, I think subsequent “He”s have been exclusively referring to me, but it’s entirely possible I’ve missed them)

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