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So, House number 11 has been moved into.

Yesterday, I, my girlfriend Fyr, Her parents, My parents and David McBride all decended on my old flat in Leyton to remove its entire contents.

Keldaby, as the flat was known, was a nice flat. It had nice rooms, in a nice area, with fields around it and bus links to the centre. Its two main faults were that people kept dumping stuff outside, which I could live with, and that it was in no way big enough for both me anFyr to live there, and so we no longer do.

The new flat, which is currently unnamed, has these properties:

  • It’s 17 floors up.
  • From the balcony I can see the new olympic statium being built
  • as well as Canary Wharf, The Dome and the London Eye.
  • It has room!

I’m not sure how I filled a large 2 bedroom flat with the contents of a small 1 bedroom one, but it is apparently true.

  1. I would say feel that the 17-floors-up thing would compensate for quite a number of drawbacks an apartment could have. Although it does of course depend on what’s outside the windows. We want pictures!

    (Are you even allowed to open a window that high up?!)

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