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So, Yesterday I got a phone call for Miss McKever on my mobile.

After a little fighting with what the person on the other end was and was not allowed to tell me, and she eventually came to the conclusion that since my name was also on the ticket, she was allowed to talk to me.

The gist of the conversation was as follows:

  • I moved out of Letchworth six months ago now.
  • I didn’t close the British Gas account properly.
  • British Gas continued to send me bills
  • Royal Mail didn’t forward them on to my house as requested, possibly because LoneCat’s name came first
  • British Gas sent me ever more threatening letters
  • British Gas gave up and sent it on for legal action
  • The Legal People started sending threatening letters to the wrong address
  • Two weeks later, six months after the original problem, someone thinks of using the phone number on the account.

    Net result? I am apparently not going to be able to afford anything this mornth either. Made even more annoying by the fact that I’m almost positive I phoned British Gas and asked for them to close the account, but since I did it by phone I have no proof this ever happened.

    I’m annoyed

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