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Watched Event Horizon. A very expensive cheap horror movie, notable mostly for prominant display of the intestine of Luscious Malfoy.

Governments have sacrificed principles and ignored human rights in the name of the “war on terror”, says a leading rights group in its annual report. [BBC News] From the constipated detective department.

Play LastFM customized radio streams in iTunes (Also, how to play them in other MP3 players) itunes, music

Levels of Geekness: Watching Anime DVDs Watching Anime DVDs on your Laptop Watching Anime DVDs on your Powerbook Watching Anime DVDs on your Powerbook, which is displaying them on the TV screen Watching Anime DVDs on your Powerbook, which is…

Python Templates programming, python Relative planet sizes design, environment, space There Is Something Weird Going on With the Clock on 24 This is the best, most geeky exhibit of typographical fanaticism ever like ever. design, typography

So, there is this weekly current affairs newsletter called “The Friday Thing”, an opinionated, left leaning, overtly political newsletter that has shown a tendancy to make my friday afternoons more enjoyable. It blasts those who deserve to be blasted, defends…