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On losing your readers

(Snipped about 1,000 words of navel-gazing bullshit)

Summary: Yes, I know AqCom is a little over-tech right now (And not very interesting tech even), that’ll fix when I’m working again and interacting with Actual Real People on a daily basis.

In the meantime: Sparkly!

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Today's Trick

Today’s Spambeating Trick Of The Day:

zcat ~/mail/sentArchive/* | grep "(^To|^CC)" | perl -e "while (<STDIN>){print /(w*@[w|.|-]*)/; print "n"}" | sort | uniq | xargs --replace -exec echo "whitelist_from {}" >> /home/aquarion/.spamassassin/user_prefs

Where it fails:
When there is more than one address on the To: line.

Why I don’t care:
I don’t often send mail to more than one person.