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Comment as mucked

So, whilst other people have been attacked by comment spammers, I – in my Epistula fortified ivory tower – have recieved two, which I have then deleted. More of a problem for me is that Google has placed my review of Broken Sword III in the top of it’s rankings for that phrase, meaning I’ve had a couple of people saying how much it sucks.

This full and frank exchange of views (If they ever come back to the site I’d be suprised) is exactly why I have comments, but both of them decided to put forth their views in CAPS-LOCK FOR EMPHASIS.

Grr. Just reading the comments makes my ears hurt.

So, given that this is a social problem, there must be a technical solution to it, mustn’t there? This is, after all, a weblog. And yes, of course there is. A couple of quick regexes later, and I have checkCaps to do this fun job for me.

Also, since I’ve got a couple of reports that my comments validation thing was a little odd, I’ve recoded it a bit so it highlights if there’s been a problem submiting your comment (Originally it just changed the status message, but this is apparently not obvious enough, so now it colours it red)

Next trick is going to make the “Email me when someone replies” thing actually work…

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I don’t actually believe that the HitchHikers Movie will suck as much as everyone seems to think it will.

First, a major source of annoyance appears to be that Americans have been cast as Ford, Trillian and Zaphod. First, note that Sam Rockwell (Zaphod) was in Galaxy Quest (He was Guy), second, Trillian in the TV series was american, and competely different to the described character in the books. The TV series was still good.

Second they’ve still – to the best of our knowledge – got Stephen Moore (the original (Radio & TV) Marvin) as Marvin (Though the design of the robot is kinda Gir-ish)

Third, the script is still the one DNA wrote just before he died, we’re told, with only a couple of minor changes.

Fourth, Hammer and Tongs (Who are the production company directing it) have previously done things I found quite good (They are, for UK people, the people do did BT’s ‘Exploding broadband pipe’ thing) From interviews I’ve seen, they appear to have a sense of humour.

They, basically, I think can do it.

Disney I’m not so sure on…