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Back to normal

The CavLec tribute is down, I’m back to normal. I am, in fact, a moron. I saw Dorothea’s post on Aquarionics’ oscillation and thought “Wha?”. I haven’t had any flack for this, so I wondered what she was talking about. Then I realised. Epistula is a fried system, and I didn’t delete the cache when I redid the design, so the only things that had the new design were the stuff that was generated after the post in question or isn’t cached (Like the “Add Comment” page) or was regenerated due to changed content (The relivant archives and categories are flushed when a post is added or modified to them), so the Gallery, Articles and any other page that was generated before midnight last night were still Aq6, instead of Sunset. I’m a fool.

It’s taught me some things about CSS, and has reminded me how much I like playing with other peoples designs :-). Ahh, home sweet home…

For definitions of “Normal” that include all articles broken because something’s deleted 800 records of the category links database. Thank zeus for my backup system

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Grr, Argh

I don’t know if it’s a function of my generic love of musicals, or the fact I like Buffy so much, but I’ve now had the OMWF soundtrack almost on constant repeat for nearly three days. This cannot be healthy.

In other news, my Gentoo system is booting cleanly, sound works (see above), net works, and now I’m compiling Rox & XFree, and have been for the last hour….

Oh, and I’ll be at the UKBlogs thing on Friday.

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Gentoo-man's club

Ahem. I really should plan these things out better.

So, I had finished part one of the Gentoo install project, getting a basic system (but not yet bootable, so I had to boot from the CD image and chroot into it) with glibc and stuff, then I wandered into windows to catch up a little.

Twenty minutes later, I’d redesigned Aquarionics to look like CavLec and done the post, so I started on the next bit (Stage Two: Basics such as bootability) compiling, and went to bed. (Insomnia caused me to spend a couple of hours on usenet, but I digress).

So I get to where I am now. The two possible problems with the design, one that Dorothea would object, and the other that Shelley would (It’s her photo, and sending a preemptive email would have been nice, but I only thought of that as a problem this morning. See what I mean about thinking it though?) have both resolved nicely, so I started the next stage, which is getting XFree installed. The problem with this is that this part could take hours, and until it’s done, I can’t get at my original files to change the design back, so this design may be up slightly longer than I planned…