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Just got this Trackback thing working, and now there is this “Same Level” stuff that Burningbird thought up. Now, I’m thinking carefully about this, because it has a couple of problems to my mind, not least is the funness of a system that would automatically download the pages you Trackback to, looking for Trackbacks. I do this already for pingback, and combining the two would be heinously complicated. Not that it matters. I’ve mentioned how much I dislike the Trackback Auto discovery Thing, and it seems I’m not alone, because Burningbird’s implementation – at least – doesn’t look for it. And because my implementation is “non standard” (As in (Shock shock horror horror shock shock horror) I’m not using Movable Type code) Bb’s magic tracker won’t even see me. I could hack a redirect to the right URL and do that, but I like [E]2’s URL scheme for it, and hate kludges like that.

Thus the revolution will pass me by.

My bloglist has been pruned, you’ll notice. Or you might, anyway. My Blo.gs roll is not a conclusive list of all the weblogs/diaries I read. One day, there might be such a list, but since said list stretches over a set of Mozilla tabs for LiveJournals; a NewsIsFree account; the blo.gsroll; and an array of people who don’t ping anywhere, this would be complex thing. Unless I can convince Blogger, Laurabelle & Ccooke to ping blo.gs and Adrian to use Moveable Type. Lonecat not doing so is completely my fault, though 🙂

On a related note, How did I become the number four link to Neil Gaiman’s Weblog?

Most of today was spent playing The Sims, which I bought the deluxe edition of a couple of days ago. Since the site exports webpages for each family in it to a supplied template, I briefly toyed with the idea of making it export FOAF profiles, but discovered there isn’t enough of a correlation between the tags the template takes and the flags FOAF needs.

Since it’s now ten to four, and I appear to be irrevocably awake (I went to sleep at 23:00) I’m going to go watch Pulp Fiction now 🙂

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