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So, what is Epistula? Currently, it’s a fraud masquerading as a weblogging system. The mistake I keep making is to try to make it something else. All Epistula is is a format, a structure in a database and the tools to put things in and take things out, it doesn’t do anything *special*, it just takes in data (via the SuperPowerPageOfPower (where entries go) the SuperCommentPageOfDoom (where the comments go) the DangerousXMLRPCPageOfHorror (where pingbacks go) and processes it into the HTML equivilant of spam (the processed food, rather than the evil). This is Epistula 0.4, it doesn’t do anything special.

Well, not very. The cleverest thing in there – if I say so myself – is the dynamic sql query generator which enables quite detailed selections of diary entries based on a URL (Up until a couple of months ago it was badly coded, and had a security hole that could cause an Evil Person to delete my entire diary by a malformed URL. This was Bad, so I Stopped It.

As appears to have been lost in the shuffle, I’ve started the new version of [E], which is going to be almost Nomical-like in it’s intertwinglyness (Allowing me to do the cross referencing properly, Pingbacks, Trackbacks and last-few-referers become just another cross reference, links get linked to more things, and the entire system becomes a whole great mass of data where everything is cross referenced, then we actually get the original point of the system over two years ago now, which is that Klind Links In Nodes Dynamically, automatically cross referencing entries. That’ll be fun. On top of this is the content caching and my general desire to make every link work forever, something harder than it sounds. On top of all that we have the new design (You didn’t think I’d regress to an old design for long, did you?).

Multi-user, Multi-project, Intrareferenced, Networked, Standards based website management system. Low targets are for the unambitious.

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