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Stuff I’d like to do to Epistula:

The New Commenting System
Semi-done now, New structure and migratory scripts in place, I just have to rewrite addcomments.php and fetch_comments() to do it right before I make it live, this will include some kind of monitoring system to stop be being comment spammed, probably by watching IPs.

(Added 2002-10-30, Updated 2002-10-30)
The link management part of Epistula, Or rather it’s sequel.

(Added 2002-10-30, Updated 2002-10-30)
The new Entry structure
Modified structure to use epoch instead of timestamp. (Gives me more freedom of date-selectors)

(Added 2002-10-30, Updated 2002-10-30)
The new reviews system
Split it out from articles completely and make it fit with everything else.

(Added 2002-10-30, Updated 2002-10-30)
The category system

Currently, I have four different category systems (Links, Articles, Entries), these will get folded in to one.

(Added 2002-10-30, Updated 2002-10-30)

Vignette-style content generation
Vignette works by only generating pages when people ask for them. Basically, Epistula will generate caches of pages. When the cache is invalid (by someone adding a comment to it, for example), it’s deleted and the next time the page is loaded, a new cache is generated.
The general point is that instead of generating a full page every time (It now takes the server half a second to generate the front page of Aquarionics. Not bad, but if I get slashdotted I’m in serious trouble within seconds, So Epistula will be rebuilt so that doesn’t happen, first in PHP and later in C and Perl (Perl doing front-end generation, C accessing databases and managing caches).

(Added 2002-10-30, Updated 2002-10-30)
Rewrite of the Gallery System
To give me sub galleries, categories (see above), and automatically generated thumbnails

(Added 2002-10-30, Updated 2002-10-30)
The great rewrite
Scrap everything, rewrite using mod_rewrite so I can give everything a look & feel without having to panic about include paths and other such nonsense, but do it in a way that makes every existing URL remain valid. Nobody said I took the easy route out of anything 🙂

(Added 2002-10-30, Updated 2002-10-30)
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