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It has been brought to my attention that Aquarionics dot com is drowning in dot com, and has a distinct lack of Aquarionics.

Well, not lack of Aquarion, exactly. Fourty six items in a month doesn’t exactly count as silence, but most of them have been geekdom, and I’m not a geek.


Basically, Aquarion is back in the self-destructive loop on the great rollercoaster of life. I’ve managed to do the one thing I really, truely could not accept. I’ve hit all my own goals. I’m incredibly not used to this idea, but I have a nicely paid job that I enjoy (My last day at it is tomorrow, then three weeks to sort out my life, then back here for another month at least) a girlfriend, a house, a reasonably popular website, and… and… and…

and I’m waiting for the karma accident that I know is around the corner. My life doesn’t work like this, I know it doesn’t work like this, something really terrible has to happen to balance this good stuff out, and I’m so busy stressing about waiting for it I’m not enjoying the good stuff while it lasts. I am Rincewind, and I claim my own walking trunk. Meantime, I’m working on stuff. Project Nomical now has several ideas behind it, Epistula is evolving daily (currently, it’s within a few hours of supporting the Blogger API), but those are just code.

The next thing is ACDS, which I’ve been trying to describe to people for about a month without using the phrases “Buffy” or “Scooby Doo”. It is, or will be, a weekly updated story thing. I’ve got a couple of weeks written, another 20 planned, and I’m not releasing it until both the buffer and the code are finished, I’ve learnt my lesson from NSD, thankyou very much. It isn’t the fantasy series I’ve been talking about for years, nor is it the final return of Project ANN.

I have too many projects.

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