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RIAA to appeal Library Of Congress’ Decision (Via John Robb via Scripting News, isn’t weblogging wonderful?)

WYWOS: The RIAA don’t like the current trend of internet music, because they see it as threatening their classic revenue model. Having suceeded in killing Napster and Audiogalaxy, they are attempting to stop (or at least, demand *heavy* licence fees for) all transmission of music over the Internet by a series of lawsuits intended to establish precendents when they win.

The appeal centres around the misguided reading of the record by the Librarian of Congress, because Yahoo! put forth a self-serving testimony because…

Yahoo testified in the CARP for one reason, and one reason only — to lower the rate that would be paid for Internet-only transmissions, Yahoo!’s principal business.

Yup. Yahoo.com, the world’s second most popular search engine, is really in the music business. I wonder if anyone can get them to read Janis Ian’s articles?

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