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Patently Insane

Actual jungle forestry is not required

Via LoneCat

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So, Manic Miner then. It came up on IRC, so a few nice and friendly links, like the original author’s frankly terrifying home site, or the authenic version of Manic Miner for Windows 95, but the purists will always go back to the original versions.

Don’t like Manic Miner? Play online Where’s Wally (Thanks to Bevier for the link, Requires Flash)

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Today was a day of extremes. Lets take a look at them…

From Live-In Girlfriend to Medium Distance Relationship

LoneCat went home. Boo. I see her again in a couple of weeks for the con. Yay.

From humid and hot to absolutly bloody soaking and cool

Today was marked by flooding across much of the UK. At half past three we (Me & LoneCat)
left so she could catch her 16:15 bus. Which she did. At quarter to four I went into HMV
and, in something of a suprise move, bought the album I was planning to
buy (Badly Drawn Boy – About A Boy Soundtrack). As I exited the shopping
arcade, there was a roll of thunder (And we are talking full, 3D, omnious
rolls here, in a way that would make Creative Labs drool…), and I
thought “Yay, we could do with a shower”. I got to Mill Road (Long road.
This was the start of Mill Road, the road our house is on is just after
house number 256 or something) and it started to rain. Because it was
humid when I left, I was wearing a short-sleved shirt, a jumper (just
in case) as well as trousers etc, and this light drizzle wasn’t really
a problem. “Isn’t it?” said the weather, and pushed up the dampness.

By the time I got home, I looked like I had been swimming. I had. I was
unable to see more than a foot in front of my nose, due to glasses being
covered in rain, and I was generally doing a very good Drowned Rat impression.

But, for the first time in days, I wasn’t overheating.

Internet Explorer Six to Netscape 2

My current browser of choice, and the thing I am composing this entry in,
is Netscape 2. It supports more sites than 4 does, including most of the ones
I visit, and neatly ignores most of the more nasty design elements
around. It’s nice. It works. It’s only 2mb.

Oh, and I’m back in the “If you people are enjoying the posts I spent
hours working on, why the fuck does nobody ever reply to, or even *mention*, them”
point of the “Where has all the feedback gone?” cycle. Expect dramatic storming out of newsgroups soon.

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Desktop Backgrounds

Nice images

Via Too Much News

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Sounds.. something

Newish thing in the writings section, an MP3 of me reading Rosalind. The MP3 is here

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Fans, Wans and Evil Plans

*Real* Harry Potter fans wouldn’t mind waiting for the next book

A war of words in crayon, between kids with short attention spans who belive that the world should ignore Harry Potter because the next one has been in production a long time. Particually of note is the phase:

Real fans stick to what they love. I’m a fan of the band A1, they were off the scene for around six months but they still kept their fans – their true fans anyway.

Six months for A1? And you wonder how these people cope. It makes the four years I’ve been waiting for the new Space album seem like nothing. But where would the world be without the precocious 11 year olds of the world?

Hacking is illegal

Unless you’re a record company.

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So, the new design is now fully uploaded (Look around a bit, things will be a little wierd while the various caches stop playing silly buggers) Fonts are a little smaller, menus a little rounder, and the whole thing slightly less minimal. Or is it?

It renders right in – as far as I can tell – everything apart from NS4, and I’ve no idea what NS4 will make of it because I haven’t got it installed. IE5 doesn’t like Nodes very much, I know.

Anyway, off to a secret location to meet LoneCat’s extended family. Wish me luck…

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Food for legal action

Americans sue fast-food chains

Apparently, people who eat junk food do so because they have been lulled into thinking that deep-fried chicken with extra lard coating and a big sign in it saying “Don’t eat this, your heart won’t cope” is actually better for you then a diet of fresh lettace and raw carrot.

In fact, the actual story is that some horizontally-enhanced (Um, possible duel meaning there. That’s “horizontally-enhanced” as in “fat”, rather than “horizontally-enhanced” as in “Busty”. Beware kids, political correctness can cause misinterpretation) Americans are suing McBurgerFriedChicKing for making them think junk food was good for them.

Suing for your own stupidity… how… interesting.

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Amazon Links

New in the nodes section, A quick guide to linking to things on Amazon

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Amazon Links

A tutorial, or guide, to Amazon Item Links, and making them usable.

An amazon link is made up of four parts, server, path, asin and
--------------------/ --------------/ --------/ -----------------/
Site Name Script Code # Session Ref.

See below for an update, it gets shorter

The first part, or Server, is the physical server to use when
referring to the object, it can be any one of .com,,, or whatever they have opened today. It is required.

The second part, or path, is almost always /exec/obidos/, and is

The third part is the Amazon System Identification Number, or ASIN,
consisting of that phrase, plus a string identifying the item.

The fourth and final part is everything after the asin number, and is
known as the Session, identifying your personal access of the database
system. It is not any kind of security risk to add this to links,
because should you access this session from a new IP – or after a
length of time – it becomes invalid, but is not necessary for people
to get to your item. For example, the optimal link to the above is:

Furthermore, it should be noted that if you place the id of an Amazon
Affiliate in place of the session, then a percentage of your purchase
will go towards that affiliate. (It’s one of the few ways Aquarionics
comes close to paying for it’s bandwidth).

For example, for that link to donate a percentage (ranging from 5 to
15%) to the Buy Aquarion A Cli