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New Design

Okay, so I redesigned the entire site. By accident.

Well, sort of.

I’ve started a major rewrite of Klind (Klind Links In Nodes Dynamically) so the Nodes part of the site is down for a bit until I get a version of it running. Let me know what you think.

Oh, We are getting Real Comments(tm) soon, by hacking the existing messaging system to be attached to entries and nodes and writings and and and….

Gosh I’m excited 🙂

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As in. Why do I?

So yesterday I posted two things to AFP. Both of them were, in fact, worked on. Something I don’t bother doing for usenet. I actually did some research for both, and carefully put across an argument.

Just so I could watch both of them sink without trace.

Okay, so you could describe it as attention-seeking, but when every post I make to a group (And here I don’t count the AFPanto stuff, because they weren’t contributions to a thread, but to the group as a whole, iyswim) is ignored or – possibly worse – has it’s content and reason totally snipped for a cheap dig at my spelling, I realise why I left AFP the first three times. It’s the same reason I’ll probably leave the movie some time fairly soon.

It’s the feeling of shouting into a black hole.

You can’t discuss things in AFP any more. The big things get split very quickly into “I have a strong opinion and I won’t change it. Argue with me” and “Your post didn’t meet my exacting standards for usenet, go duck off and fie”. The actual object of the post is quickly diverted into a semi-random series of three-side squabbles, and anybody *else* who tries to put forward a point is ignored.

The movie is the same. Every time an idea is put forward, It’s delegated, and something happens, so it’s reported back. Then the method, the object, and sometimes even the *existence* of the task is quibbled over and attacked until it’s not worth doing anything because of the arguments that will result from it.

Will I leave the movie project? I have not very long to think about it, really. Once the contract is signed, I actually have a legal connection to the business (quite apart from my current position as owner of the club), but I’m really not sure if risking some of the friendships I’ve made on AFP is worth the eventual goal of the movie.

I’m getting very disillusioned with the whole thing, to be honest. I’m actually writing things, and watching them sink into a steaming swamp of slowly rotting crap. Some of the things I throw are crap themselves, but the number of things within the group that I see thrown in, Objects of beauty even (And here I refer to Warwick’s recent post) both technical and artistic are being completely and totally ignored.

And that’s a shame.

So, the question remains. Do I stay, or do I become one of the many people before me, who are Of AFP, yet no longer On AFP?

And then there is #afp, which is another rant entirely.

In the last month(ish), AFP has had 27 FAQs, 353 Cascades,1001 Meta-
Messages, 4782 Messages Irrelevant to Terry and 1103 that aren’t.
35 about Games, and 207 Annotations. Oh, and 253 Fandom messages.
That’s 8338 total messages, (557 Messages untagged)

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Lonecat came to the fictional town for the weekend, so little got done. Thus no panto, no updates, but plans for NSD are happening…

Oh yes, the downtime. Those of you who visited Aquarionics between about eight and nine yesterday would have had a once-in-a-lifetime opertunity to see my PHP code, instead of the site. This was, to coin a phrase, suboptimal, so I put up the “Aquarigoneics” sign, and closed shop. Also, mail to me was bouncing for a bit. This, i am assured, is also fixed.

So, Me and lonecat went to the hogswatch meet, which was wonderful. There were 67 people in the basement of a pub. That was fun 🙂

I had the happy feeling of watching most of AFP drooling over my girlfriend, which is always fun to watch. Then we crashed, then we woke up, went home, failed to play Quake, and did stuff like plot NSD for a while. Good weekend 🙂

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Feeling Testy

Waste 5 minutes of your life with
the QuasiGoth Dead Person Test!

Strawberry: 0/100 Pear: 40/100 Banana: 60/100 Tomato: 30/100 Lemon: 15/100

Take the What Fruit Are You? test by webkin and aaronr!

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More Tests :-)

See which Ab Fab character you are! click here
quiz made by xqueeniex

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I watched Chasing Amy last night.

*Good* plot. Not too sure about the film – a little monologue/counter monologue for my taste – but fun none-the-less.

Updated Project Geekhouse.

Wrote the last of the Jack strand of the AFPanto

Lonecat is coming for the weekend.

Good day. 🙂

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New Page

Okay, I give up. Tests now have their very own page

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A Test

See if you can do it, read each line aloud

This is this cat

This is is cat

This is how cat

This is to cat

This is keep cat

This is a cat

This is fool cat

This is busy cat

This is for cat

This is forty cat

This is seconds cat

Now go back and read the THIRD word in each line

from the top.

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More Bloody Tests

Deathboy Test

0% – 10% (Britney)

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Obscure Website Test

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and I have almost a kinda spooky vibe.
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The Obscure Website Test

Art Test

If I were a work of art, I would be Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa.

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Which work of art would you be? The Art Test

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Sucky Sucky

So today, Aquarion came to a realisation.

I’ve now spent six months doing precisely this:

Absolutley fuck all.

This hit me hardest when I hit my overdraft limit, and had to use more of my ever-dwindling savings to bail me out.


But this money doesn’t come though until next wednesday. So I had to borrow a cheque from my parents, which won’t clear until monday, so…

…so somehow I have to get to London this weekend. I’ll deal with the “Christmas Shopping” thing when I get that far…

*sigh* why I am I this useless?