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Ok, New toy 🙂

Babble creates “coherant” text from text-files you feed it. F’example, given Shakespere, it will come out with:

But fools do entreat her eyes were a nunnery, do wear
it off. What light through the brightness of the
heaven, Romeo? Deny thy name. Two of sinners? That
I might touch that cheek upon the bosom of the air.
Two of that cheek! What of the envious. To be a
Capulet. O Romeo! O, how she leans her eyes in a
breeder of troubles, and refuse thy father and arrows
of that I were not her eyes of that hand! Wherefore
art thou wilt not night. Her head? It off.

But *far* more fun is to give it a random piece of text (like the log from #afp, an IRC channel, for example) and to see what happens:

Sand sandriana modem-249. crow.uk Quit Ping timeout
for beaneater [] LeahW NikkiW 992- mp
0- cvx 3 a-62.9 com.telinco.net has joined 6

"Spent many hours tossing and turning..."

aww, shame

ali: No. but I don't know how to pay, I

and i am sand, Martin goes put on Greetings
from ME being shite. Random

Andy: Otto the Bus Driver Man.

Corinne goes off to do, Martin.

Kath kathnaylor ppp-0 afp (+n) 0 afp Simpsons Casting
Thread oooo

that's better, really.

I intend to have more fun with this, I’ll mention if I get anything good, but I’ll leave you with what happens if you feed this page into Babble:

I, Nicholas Avenell, being of my cooker, for if I
ever used my phone bill, and with it drivers. This
isn't fatal, given my toolkit and the question I ask
myself is simple, As A Free Lunch, but the standard
BT Voice telling me that "This is a group assignment,
November 22, 2836"

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