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Basically, for real dates, change all entries with times of…

Basically, for real dates, change all entries with times of just-past-12am as yesterday, beacuse it means that I remembered to do this at 10 to midnight. As usual.

Todays topic is… Shopping

In days of old,
when men were bold,
And women wore peasant dresses,
and the upper-class
had duels with swords,
their women’s hair in tresses…

…Shopping was Not Easy. The way it worked was thus, For simple items the surrounding area probably had someone who could do it for you. Like a blacksmith or a Cooper (barrels), or a seamstriss for a nice dress. But if you wanted something that wasn’t availible nearby you had to ask a peddler. These peddlers came around every so-often to sell miscalanious goods and tell (often tall) tales about life in the outside world. If you wanted something special (exotic spices, silk, seeds) you asked him, and on his travels around the country he looked around for it, bought it, and sold it to you. At a profit.

Later on came the Industrial Revolution, which revolved (yes, ha ha) around the invention of automated industry, and the Train. Within that the Great Exhibition came in 1850 (The British govenment do something like that every 50 years, spending tax-payers money on showing the world how great we are. Hence the Millennium Dome) at Crystal Palace (the original place (which burnt down) rather than the Football team named after it) which was a whacking great building made of glass. In London. The problem of it being in London was getting the poor saps who paid for it via taxes and lived in the in North of England, South of England, West of England, and, in fact, everywhere-that-wasn’t-London in England to see it. So they subsidised the trains taking passangers to London. And verily (by dint of the laws of commercialism) was there many trains going to London. After that the idea of getting on a train to go somewhere took off, Shopping became more a matter of travelling to the shop, making your purchase and buggering off back home than sending off for it.

Why this great and glorious History Lesson? Because what goes around, comes around. Most of my shopping today consists of either walking down to the Village High Street and making purchases, or sending off for it (via the Internet) and awaiting it’s return to me.

Plus, over the last 19 years of my life one of the most stable and recurring things has been the Family Supermarket Trip, which took place at 10am every Saturday Morning for ages. Until I was old enough to stay home, I went along, and spent an hour being dragged (literally occasionally) though the local Sainsbury’s. Last week my mum discovered the wonders of Tesco Direct, Supermarket Shopping Online. basically, she orders the stuff with the Software (or on the Website) chooses a delivery-time and date, and hits “Go” and a man in a Tesco lorry arrives at our door on that time and date with a box of stuff.

Like a peddler.

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Tomorrow sees my family go out on our first Family Trip since…

Tomorrow sees my family go out on our first Family Trip since I went to Univeristy. We are heading to Goodwood to watch some Cars go round and round in circles.


I am not a tidy person. People don’t believe this, so I will now prove it to you. Click the picture for the full horror:

Click for the Big Picture

And, for the animal lovers out there, Our dog, Jasper:

Click for the Big Picture

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Dull day. Lost a Tiberian Sun game (or didn't win, anyhue)…

Dull day. Lost a Tiberian Sun game (or didn’t win, anyhue) against my brothers, worked briefly on TMS Online mk3, and Aquarionics Mk4, as well as designing a “thingy” that generates codes for and’s Affiliates program (As used to great effect in the box to the left). A bookshop is coming soon. Promise. (The thing is 40% complete, I just have to review and link to a few more books)

Wandered around my hometown for a bit (piccies coming soonish) and noted something amusing. Nothing has changed. It’s odd. Having spent the last 9 months over 300 miles from my home, you’d have thought that it would have changed even slightly. A few houses have been built on fields, The Town Council have renovated the town centre, making it even *more* difficult to navigate… but nothing has really changed.

Pity really

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Spent an entertaining day Designing the new TMS Website (The…

Spent an entertaining day Designing the new TMS Website (The Marketing Solution, where I am Tech Support, Computer Bloke and Person To Blame) (And I’m *still* freelance 🙂 in an entertaining series of events, I am now at a scheme not a million miles away from the old one. But since I designed (and like) the old one, that’s not a problem. In fact, I might use Blogger to power it. Hmm. I’ve got it working with Tables, and am contemplating Framing it. I avoid frames on Linking princibles (Linking to them sucks killer whales though sieves).

In other news, My aunt my cousins came around to collect a laptop I was checking out for my Uncle’s school. The kids are about 3ish, toddler age, and I am always suprised about how well I seem to get on with kids that age. 10 year olds are all, with very few exceptions, Bastards. Bias? Me? Never. But we played with a Brio railway set, and gave my aunt a rest from them for a while. So it was all worthwhile 🙂

Today was the night of the Mascalls School (my Ex-secondary schoool) Performing Arts exam. And I was totally blown away by the entire group. Although it has been said it was not *quite* as smooth as last years effort (which I co-wrote, co-directed, co-performed etc..) I was asounded by the quality of the acting. The writing was of a high standard, but the *acting* was fantastic.

In more other news, my friend Barry has, as far as I have heard on the Grapevine, managed to pass an audition in the US! Woo Hoo! The fact that he is currently living the high-life in Ibiza *and* will spend 5 weeks in the US in the not-to-distant future does not make me absurdly jelous at all. Not one green eye anywhere. At all.


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Rainbow's Web

It was Sixthday. Traditionally, every Sixthday the King would open court to any subject to ask his opinion on any matter deemed worthy enough by that subject to be heard by the King. The King hated it. Every week people came from tens of miles to ask, or to tell, or

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Eeek. Bad weekend. Things Happened. I managed to *totally…

Eeek. Bad weekend. Things Happened. I managed to *totally wipe* my C: Drive, having backed up most of my documents 10 minutes before on a whim. Lucky. Sadly I’ve lost 18months of E-Mail, 4 hours of Planetscape:Torment saves, and All of my Quotes file. I am not a Happy Bunny.

I eventually had to type the dreaded phrase “Format c:”. And *that* was fun.

Updated the Chat FAQ

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According to the Keirsey Test, I am: My Temperament is Idealist : NF My variant temperament is Healer : I

According to the Keirsey Test, I am:
My Temperament is Idealist : NF
My variant temperament is Healer : INFP
This puts me the same as the person I got the link from (Yana), I think I might collate all these results and finally do an “about me” page 🙂

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Three days? It was Three days ago I last posted? Gosh. Doesn't…

Three days? It was Three days ago I last posted? Gosh. Doesn’t time fly?

The last few days have been sligtly busy, so posting was not possible. Firstly, on a whim, I tried BT‘s “Check your Bill” service, only to discover that my “Free” 24/7 Freeserve connection is not quite as free as all that. Mainly in that I have spent lots on calls in the last two weeks, most of which is Internet, which should have been free. /me is not happy about this, for reasons that should be obvious 🙂

Secondly, PC Gamer came though with the 10 games. Due to nasty computer type stuff (My new HDD is suffering from Crosslinked Clusters, a nasty ailment which means that my computer crashes when it tries to access some bits of the HDD like, for example, by installing games) which is going to take MSScandisk many hours to complete (I left it for two hours only to return at it being 10%) but only if my computer doesn’t crash while scandisk is scanning. Bah.

Then comes yesterday. Yesterday goes down in history as “interesting”. Yesterday, as ever, I awoke at 13:00 (I’m running my days slightly screwy at the moment, sleeping 04:00-13:00, working the rest) with a phone call from work to say that the other consulting technition was around, and would I like to come down? I said yes, threw on some clothes, and wandered in the direction of my local combination print-shop, mailing-house, and place of employment.

The aim of the exercise was to remove Lantastic from the network, install the Zip 250 drive as a backup, and stop the accountacy machine from crashing. Lantastic had to go because it was non-standard and our new digital photo-copier/printer only worked on standard networks, The only computers that were crashing were the two that were still running Lantastic after the last visit, so the logical assumption was that Lantastic was the cause of the crashes. Step one was to get to a point where we didn’t *need* lantastic. This involved copying the contents of an old server to a new one (over our network, 2 hours) Copying the accounts system (Never trust an accounts system which betrays it’s origins by the executable being called “mail.exe”) and kludgeing the network into letting that work like it wanted to (2 hours), all whilst awaiting an email from Xerox to install the copier onto the network (4 hours) and installing that on all machines without it crashing (didn’t happen, mainly becuase the instructions were wrong) and, to use a euphamism from the building trade, “Making Good” (Many Hours)

Which meant that my final departure from The Marketing Solution was midnight. Anyone need a Win95 network admin?

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Oops. Screwed up the HTML in my last post. Fixed now :-) Oh…

Oops. Screwed up the HTML in my last post. Fixed now 🙂

Oh well, it seems like Aquarion Designs is Back in the Loop! I have a job designing a website for a local company. This puts the redesign of Aquarionics on indefinate hold until I get this finished. Shame 🙂

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Ok, Things to do today (That's you, not me): Click on one of…

Ok, Things to do today (That’s you, not me):
Click on one of the links to the left, under “Rings & Causes” or “Weblogs” (Not the graphic ones for the time being). Follow the link to *another* weblog, read it, and click on one of that persons favorite blogs. Or links. This is the way I get most of my Cool sites. But anyway.

For the past few days, me and my brother have spent nights stress testing our network. This consists of playing Halflife, Tiberian Sun, and Age of Empires until 3am. This is good. My brother borrowed my TV arial for his computers TV card. And broke it. This is not good, since he bought a replacement for his, and now I am arialless. Which means I miss things on TV. This is less good.