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Thanks to the good graces of Leigh, I got a beta code for Fallout 76 just in time for the last scheduled betas this weekend. You can see my full stream on twitch for a while, but in summary:

It’s Fallout, mostly. The lack of NPCs at all is a bit jarring, but lampshaded in the fiction, and it’s a bit strange to see other players bounding around the landscape. Also the game defaults to auto-local-audio, so often you can hear the typing of some far off player before you hear their mum calling them for pizza. This effect stretches really far, which means I heard – and was heard by – another person streaming, which was a weird experience.

The opening was a bit of a let down, railroaded, and with few interactive elements (and, crucially, items that you couldn’t interact with in your room but were the same model as you were supposed to pick up later) but once you get out into the wide world everything is open to you. Though I’d recommend following the first few, because otherwise the lack of weaponry is going to spoil your day. But after that it seems very fallout.

Also, there are the usual fun bugs.

So yeah, good for now, you can watch me play more tomorrow on Twitch, if you like.

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