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It took three vans hired by three people, a medium sized one, a large one, and then a small one.

It took eight people.

It took a week.

We’ve finally moved into Oxford into our new flat. Currently unnamed, but mostly Box Mountain. Next time I consider moving house without hiring a moving company, just shoot me.


Mostly a failure. Shortly after last week’s post, my immune system came up to me with an invoice for lack of down-time and a stop sign. Wednesday/Thursday were lost to ill (and packing boxes, which didn’t help). Friday to recovery and then Ikea (Also not helping). Then the move Saturday/Sunday. Monday I managed to work over a dodgy 3G connection, Tuesday I didn’t even try. Now we have internet.


Tales from the Borderlands, Pillars of Eternity, Dragon Age Inquisition, The Secret World all dropped massive updates this week.  I have played none of them. So. Many. Boxes.


Plugged some holes in some code stuff, a couple of display fixes to the Odyssey management system in prep for the between-games update.

Moved house.

Hopefully this week should be a little more productive…

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