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I’m working late tonight. In fact, it’s 22:10 and I’m still in my office, which looks like this:


It’s usually a little tidier than that, but I started at 08:00 today, spent six hours of it traipsing around London to do final approval on physical objects, and have pushed about a dozen new builds in three different offices. It’s been a Day. My fitbit is very pleased with me, and is sending me messages of encouragement over walking 8 miles. My feet are less pleased with their part in this. Anyway, it’s late, the entire building has gone home, and I was on an anti-RSI enforced keyboard break. So I went exploring around the office park I rent space in.

Most of the corridor lights turn off around 21:00, so everything was dark, but there was a light


Huh. Most of the corridor-facing office windows have blinds, and a quick peek didn’t show anyone inside. What is this? There was a sign on the door.



I am not a faith person, in general, but I understand they are mostly fine people with occasional dedicated fuckwits. However, this being North London, and the office being quite small, I did wonder how they managed to fit within the small office the multivarious different faiths and sectors of a hundred-office complex? I opened the door.


Hmm. How very post-modern. The faith was inside you all along, and the quiet space can reflect your inner peace and tranqu… No, wait, I think I found something…


Faith, now with tumblr fandom recognition.

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