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All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in the rain. Time… to die

Cool URIs don’t change, but I’ve never been cool.

Fifteen years of archives just went poof, and I no longer feel beholden to any of it. They exist in three places: A database server, the Internet Archive, and my head. 

I got out of the habit of considering my own website when I was writing things. Stuff appeared on Tumblr, or as long posts to other people’s Facebook statuses, or random text files scattered over my Evernote account. So I’ve moved this over to tumblr, because it’s already in my flow of my day, in the hope that I’ll remember to write more, and not try to be perfectionist about the whole thing.

It’s been a while since I did an actual personal update here. I’m still living with my girlfriend in London. I’m working for Istic.Networks, ie, me. I’ve recently acquired office space in North London where I’m working on various contract things and a new startup thing I’ll explain more about when it’s ready for that kind of thing.

I am, still, writing a novel. It’s working title is “The mockery of Demetri James Jonathan Stark” and is currently slogging though the middle until I can push the dominos down to the conclusion. 

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