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“The films I’ve most loved, as well as those I’ve most hated, are the ones I’ve known least about in advance. When I’m well briefed, my range of responses clusters more closely around the average. It’s almost impossible to find a brilliant film brilliant if dozens of people have told you it’s brilliant in advance. “You have to see it – you’ll be amazed!” they say and then I can’t help expecting it to transcend the medium – to be more than just a film, even though I can’t imagine how. A film with free sandwiches, perhaps, or useful tips for putting up shelves.”

David Mitchell

(This is why I don’t watch trailers for movies)

“Londoners are not impressed by anything, at all, ever. Everything has already happened here — including the Olympics, twice, in 1908 and 1948. Sometimes, the weary stoicism of Londoners is a boon. But it is an outlook instantly affronted by any suggestion that any future happening is going to be profitable, transformative or, worst of all, pleasant.”

The New York Times on London

(The amount this attitude to anything irritates me beyond all measure is quite high. I’m so utterly fed up with the facet of geekdom that derides everything as awful merely on the principle that it’s happening)

Quotes taken from Killed in a Smiling Accident, who I’m sure I credited when I wrote the entry, but apparently didn’t. I apologise for accidentally being a dick.

  1. Never fear, it was only friendly nudge-wink sarcasm; it’s mostly harmless, just don’t feed it after midnight! Or was that Ewoks? I forget.

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