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Apps I use a lot:

To Play The Game

Abduction 2

It’s a game with a bouncing cow. What else do you want out of life?

Angry Birds & Angry Birds Seasons

On the off-chance you haven’t seen it, it’s a game like worms only with birds. Or like Scorched Earth, really, since the catapult doesn’t move.

You remember Gorilla.bas under QBasic? Like that. Not as much like that as Kian’s faithfulish conversion, but close.

Nimble Nimbus

Backup to Gmail

Copies all your smses to a label under your gmail or google apps account. Optionally does the same with your phone logs. Get all your communications with a person in one place 🙂


Everything is in dropbox.


The Twitter client I use. There are others, but I like this one.

Don’t Talk To Me About Lifestyle

Gentle Alarm / Sleep as a Droid

I’m switching between these at the moment. Gentle Alarm is a pretty good alarm program, with a “Prewake” quiet alarm system that works quite well (a quiet alarm ten minutes beforehand to see if you’re already awake, then a real one if you don’t respond). Sleep As A Droid does the motion-sensor graph thing I liked on the iPhone, though. Neither’s failed me yet, and I do like Gentle Alarm’s pre-buy version, which is fully working except the alarm won’t go off on Wednesdays.


Coming up, Kindle tricks and things I like about the Kindle, and why it’s not an iPad competitor.


It’s http://whatthefuckshouldimakefordinner.com, but on the Android.

Sounds Delightful

Doubletwist / Doubletwist Airsync

I generally use the Native android music player for actually playing music (The lockscreen integration is the thing I like most) but DT’s airsync system works really well, and the video player Just Works.  I wish the desktop client could do app installs, though.


It’s a thing that listens to what you can hear and tells you what the song is. It’s reasonably awesome.


Barcode Scanner

For scanning 2d barcodes, but also creating them.


An SSH client.


A thing that changes phone settings and does stuff based on other stuff, like the current GPS location, or time, or something. For example:

  • Between 1am and 6am, turn off all notification sounds except phone calls if I am within wifi range of home.
  • If I am within a few hundred yards of home, work or the pub, turn on wifi.
  • If the battery is low, turn the screen right down, kill wifi and GPS, put the screen timeout down too, and turn the wallpaper a dark red colour as a hint.

Locale’s handy.

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