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Livejournal’s rss feed system sucks goat balls.

Please do not comment on the LJ feed, because I don’t get notified and I’m unlikely to notice it.

(Not that I get a huge flood of comments in any form, but the additional point is that I’d prefer not to split the comments I do get between the place where I posted the original post and a website that will delete without recovery a comment on any post more than two weeks old)

(Actually, the above also pretty much applies to Facebook, and I can’t disable comments there either. Yay syndication)

Also, LJ mangles local URLs to be relative to google (whose feed proxy service I use) instead of the WEBSITE AT THE TOP THAT IT’S SUPPOSED TO USE.

I do have a feed carefully constructed so that even LJ won’t fuck it up, but last time I asked they flat out refused to change the feed to use it, because as a content creator I don’t actually deserve any control over this kind of stuff. I’d turn off comments on it, or at least sign up for notifications, but LJ don’t allow that.

In conclusion, I’d appreciate it if you’d click one of the links at the top of any posts you see in the Aquarionics LJ feed, as if I’d added “Read More” links and just fed you a snippit of the content.

I’m a little sorry about this, mostly about the fact that involves leaving your friends page, which I’m aware is annoying and faffy, but I am afraid I cannot do anything about how badly they mangle the site feed.

Mostly, though, I’m just pissed off.

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