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Michel Valdrighi, one of the founder members of the sinister1 and complicated Blogite collective2 who used to be at is back with his shiny new domain, and shiny new WordPress install3 and shiny new weblog at

Also, Epistula now pings both Technoarti and Yahoo’s XML-RPC interfaces. and the formating system has been upgraded to Textile 2 beta, which brings me easy tables, easy classes and… feetneat:

1 That’s right, left handed.

2 Neither sinister nor collective, even. One day it might even come back.

3 Making him the third person today I’ve seen make reference to it

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To: The world in general

So, Lonecat has now moved out of the flat.

There is an empty room where her stuff once was.

I would like, if this would be possible, to have a house at some point soon.

I would also like not to move next year. That would be nice. An entire 12 month period where I’m living in the same house and have a job would be a novelty. In fact, just the house would be good.

I would also – and this is a concentrated attempt to limit the amount of pathetic whinging that characterised the first year or so of the diary to a single sentance – would like things to stop getting worse, just for a little while, so I can shovel this particular mountain of shit before the next one arrives.

That’d be great. KThxBye

Faithfully yours,

Nicholas Avenell.

Imported From Epistula Moving to Letchworth


Can’t blog, floor will eat me.

The current state of my room