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So, Nick Boalch (Who I know from another life, same life as I know Stuart and Paul from, in fact) also has a weblog. Paul has started using Trebuchet MS after seeing it there (Paul, your HTML is broken on your latest entry, btw) dispite the fact that having all headers as Trebuchet MS, as well as the main Aquarionics logo is one of only two things to have remained constant in Aquarionics’ design for the last year and a bit. But, like the Murphey’s, I’m not bitter.

The other is the yellow Circle/Wibble logo, obviously.

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Which OS Are You?

Which OS are You?
Which OS are You?

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Cheques for Free

So you remember “Save Karyn“? Karyn is a valley girl who ran up about $20,000 in credit-card bills before somebody, somewhere stopped giving the stupid bint money. Her reaction to this was not – as society dictates – to get two jobs and stop paying for cable, but to sell some stuff (Good move), Keep her current job (good move), and ask the Internet to pay her credit card bills.


Didn’t do anything, wasn’t offering to do anything, just straight out asking for money. Now, I can understand people asking for money for things, when I was employed I made a point of putting something in the tip-jar of the comics I enjoy reading, but that’s slightly different because it’s a two way thing. Piro draws comics, I buy Megatokyo blankets; Randy draws comics, I pay paypal; Keenspotters draw comics, I buy Keenspot Premium service. Now, I’m not sure what I find more disturbing about this whole thing, the fact that Karyn just asked for money, or the fact that she got it.

Because she did. As of November 2002, Karyn raised the full $20,000 ($13,000 from donations) and finished paying off her debt.

She isn’t alone.

Now, some of these people are asking for help for stuff that either isn’t their fault, or is generally due to Bad Stuff Happening like Rob who got run over, and Karyn lists more of them, but there are others like who are just asking for money for the sake of it.

New latest one to be doing the rounds is, where you are asked if you really supported a persons right to modify their personal image (or “get big tatas” as the site puts it) you are now given the ability to donate money so that an unnamed American can pump herself to look like Lara Croft for just for and a half grand.

And people say you can’t make easy money out of the Internet…

And Karyn? Karyn’s writing a book, due to come out Autumn (It’ll be the funny story of what happened, she says sort like “Confessions of a Shopoholic” meets “Bridget Jones.” Welcome to my wacky world! So look for it then! Buy it up!) and a new clothing-selling website at

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Only Snow

I woke up this morning to discover a crisp brightness to the sunlight that I recognised. “It snew“. This shouldn’t be suprising. Yesterday it was snowing in the morning when LoneCat went for a job interview, it was a blizzard when I went to collect my new glasses (Which are so thick now that the legs don’t close properly on one pair, and the other pair has had to be sent back for adjustments before I can pick it up this lunch time. *sigh*), it was snowing when I went to bed last night too. Now it’s finished snowing for now, and a white blanket has been sifted over Cambridge, and it really is very, very pretty. It’s just that because my monitor is the opposite side of the room from my window, I can’t see the screen properly, even with the curtians closed.

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Politics, Geekdom and a little Comic Relief

So, Mr Bush gave his speech on the state of the union, and I watched the BBC news report of it, in which it pointed out that it sounded more like a sermon than a political speech.

George W Bush is a problem, because he is quite plainly going to go to war no matter what happens. My problem with this is that someone we didn’t elect appears to be dictating British policy (Whether the country who have him as Grand High Poobah did is another matter). My problem is also with the person we did elect, whose next job is to convince the 94% of the country that don’t believe Mr Bu^Hlair’s position is correct. Note that word. Convince. Less than 6% of the country think it’s a good idea to go to war without UN backing, and our leader is trying to convince us otherwise. I have a feeling this should be the other way around, this being a democracy and everything, the idea is for us – the people – to put them – the politicions – in charge. When the Minister for Technology is able to install a new hard-drive, when the Minister for Sport has managed a sports club, when the Chancellor of the Exchequer has a degree in finantial theory, then I might start trusting the political system again (Oh, and yes, there are geeks who meddle in politics. Watch Debian-[devel|legal] if you don’t believe me…).

Why are we fighting Saddam? Because he might still have the Weapons of Mass Distruction (Argh!! Irradiated Wafers! Poisoned Wine!) the US (and us) sold him a dozen years back? Because we as Englightened countries have the right to enforce our views on politics? For fucks sake, the UKs last prime minister was recently raked over hot coals for an affair with a co-worker, the last US president too, both have suffered major economic crises in the last few years, the UK has unemployment levels that are just scary and a system for dealing with it that is just as much so (As LoneCat says, if she had been relying on the Jobseeker’s Allowance for food and rent she’d have starved to death long ago). This mythical Freedom of Speech thing? The UK doesn’t have a divine freedom of speech, though it has the Human Rights act, which says we do, and libel, slander and other laws that say we can’t. The legal system is like an os code-base that’s been in use and development for decades without a rewrite, There are function calls never used, deprecated (but still occsionally used so we can’t lose them) updated to buggery and new functionality tacked onto the end, and enough loopholes for the thing to crash every so often.

Is our system any better? We don’t stone people to death, but we do send them to prison for three years of a life sentance before we decide they didn’t do it. Personally, I’d prefer the government to put more money into things like the Transport Network, but that’s just me.

The argument about archives goes on, too, so it’s time to bring out the real guns. I mean, are people still using serif fonts on calenders? I mean, it’s so passe, darlings. Go for the sans-serif, or I’ll remove you from my blogroll. All of you. That’ll learn all y’all.

Comic Relief then. I read too many comics. There is my neatocool Today’s Comics thing at my start page which shows you exactly how bad my addiction is. The newest two are a couple I’ve been meaning to catch up with for some time. The first is Angst Tech, and the second is Polymer City Chronicles. Both are computer-gamer orienated, but I *think* they are both good enough to sustain you though the bits you don’t understand if you arn’t a gamer. Oh, and Jeff Minter not only has a new game in development, but also a weblog. Yay.

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Dusting Archives

Jonathan takes Dorathea to task for taking Mark to task for Mark’s archive system.

Seeming as how my archive system works much like Mark’s, only (From Dorathea’s POV) worse because you have to choose a year as well as everything else (It’s still three clicks, because my monthly archives are full posts, but even so…), I should be on the defensive. First, I agree whole-heartedly with Jonathan on the subject of weekly archives. I once offered them (Via a kludge of Klind’s select date-range feature, which I have yet to find a nice interface for in [E]2), but because I didn’t find them terribly useful, I dropped them. The unit of archiving for this weblog is the Month and the Post, weeks make life confusing.

The benifits of the Tiered structure are, for me, three-fold. The first is sheer weight of numbers. I’ve been blogging for three years now, posting once every day, with occasional holidays. I have archives going back to January 2000, Even a list of *months* is getting on for forty lines in a navigation box, weeks would be… what, about a hundred and fifty lines? Sod that. I don’t object to long pages (See the category page for “Personal”. Since everything before august last year got filed there it’s about half a meg of HTML), but I don’t want to overload the front page.

The second is logical structure. If you’re looking for a post by when I posted it, you’ll probably have a rough idea which month it appeared in, and what year. You probably don’t want to wade though another thirty calendar tables, All large navigation is drill-down out of necessity of not fusing the average users tiny minds with too much information. Again, weeks fall down here because they are a halfway house between the openness of a month and the claustophobia of archive by day. If you want a post by category, use the archive by category instead of by date. Bada-bing, as I’m assured they say in the states.

I agree that three clicks to the current archive is a little overboard, and my solution to this (as of today) is to display the current year archive on the front page of the Archive section, or I could to put a “Last six months” list after the Recent Comments down the left. Putting the whole archive on the front page, though, strikes me as overkill at this size.

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Once of my quests in life is to introduce my significant other to the delights and wonders of being a Gamer. Not in the D&D type sense, but in the Quake, Doom, Unreal, Warcraft, Tropico, Monkey Island, GTA, The Sims, Command and Conquer type sense. In this, I appear to have succeeded, because she’s been playing Planescape:Torment all day.

Planescape is one of the best RPGs out there, and certainly the one with the best plot line. Baldur’s Gate may be huge (And we are talking about hundreds of hours for the series here) but the plot-line does involve an awful amount of “Okay, can’t rescue person who’s being tortured yet, must level-up some more”. Baldur’s Gate 1 in particular suffers from this, the four hour gap close to the beginning between the “I don’t know what I’m doing, all these things are happening to me” and the first bit of actual exposition. In Planescape there is no tedious back story, no “You grew up in a town called Candlekeep on the edge of the sword coast” lengthy monologue. You wake up, in a mortuary, with a talking skull beside you. With amnesia. It’s now your job to find out who you are, and why you are in a mortuary.

You are in a mortuary because you died.

The plot thickens.

Note, it isn’t the player’s job to get this information out of the game, it is the game, or at least a major part of the first three-quarters say. The plot changes, too. Certain people won’t join you if you follow certain principles. Nothing major, just different side quests, different PCs, the main Nameless One’s quest is still there, always.

Meanwhile, I’m getting back into games mode. This week was spent brushing up on my C++ and learning the absolute basics of Windows Programming and DirectX interfaces. Now I have to take three steps backwards, and learn all the bits that my University course didn’t cover, like Classes. Course, the best thing for me to be doing would be Java, since that’s what I appear to be mixed up in most, but my bad experiences at Uni with the language (including a teacher who gave us code written out longhand that didn’t either compile nor match up with what the course-standard-IDE thought the process calls were). Python has been put on hold whilst I go back to basic principles of Real Programming.

(I’m not a coder, I’m a scripter. The main difference involves main event loops, I belive. I learnt to code in BBC, then Q, then Visual Basic 4 & 6. None of which require any kind of constant state loop. I’m having to unlearn a lot of stuff, which is probably going to help the rest of my programming too. Yay)

I’ve tidied my room.

I have one room in the house in which I sleep, work and play. It hasn’t been cleared up since roughly September, when I moved the stuff from the floor to the bed and back again to look for a book. In this clear-out, I found 20 CDs, 5 books,

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Small Screen LoTR

Lord Of The Rings: The TV Series:

This is a fansite dedicated to the much loved “Lord of the Rings: The Series” television show, which was produced by Warner Bros. after the huge success of the Lord of the Rings movies (directed by Peter Jackson).

(Via Añejo)

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Continuing Theme

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Pornolize is back. And this page would be a lot cooler if you had a referrer value set & Javascript on.:-P

(Aquarionics on Pornolize)

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This your country, this is your country on war

Drugs are bad. look at where drug money goes. Taxes are good, look at where tax money goes.