14. 04. 2015

Week Nine – it’s better than bad, it’s good

Quiet work week, so we’ll skip that. Decided that I’d had enough of print statements, and moved both Lifestream and Lampstand over to use Python logging instead for everything outputty. Lampstand also needs...

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10. 04. 2015
My laptop, in a tent

Sysadmin in a Field, Episode one: The tyranny of little bits of paper

For LARP events, including most recent Empire, PD relies on quite a bit of technology. With all the will in the world, keeping track of 1500 players and their characters, their medical highlights...

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10. 04. 2015
The tower of London

Week Eight, In which being someone else is helpful

A few days in a field has cleared my brain fabulously, although I’m a few days off the week update. Work Bug fixing in one place, refactoring in another. Soon, new development. Invoicing...

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07. 04. 2015
Mud, Mud, Glorious Mud


There is a moment when you stagger back into your home after five days in a field, and the concept of carpeted floors just looks… strange and alien. Maybe it’s tiredness, or the...

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02. 04. 2015
L. Nilus, of the Imperial Civil Service (Photo by Charlotte Moss)

Gone Larping, Back next week

Gone Larping. Back Tuesday.

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01. 04. 2015

Week Seven – I’m sure I must have done something

Work I pushed a thing live. It took 12 hours, I’m still fixing bugs in it, but it’s there, a new base to start from, and nearly five months work. It could have...

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31. 03. 2015

My Terribly Organised Life III:B – Technical Development

Code starts in a text editor. Your text editor might be a full IDE, custom built for your language, a vim window with more commands than you can remember, or an emacs with...

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29. 03. 2015
Pillars of Eternity

Pillars of Eternity: Gather party, venture forth

It wasn’t until about four hours in that I heard it first. The triggers for it aren’t the same as previous games, it’s more forgiving in that respect at least, but attempting to...

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Computer Games
28. 03. 2015

Small Content Providers in the age of Facebook

We have been fucked by the federation and syndication of our content. I miss comment threads, and I miss blogging. The age of transitory content, of content discovery, has happened, and it turns...

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25. 03. 2015

WRP Week Six – As good at weekly as anything.

I used to do this kind of thing monthly in WRP format. It’s as good as any: Work: Skute’s in the wild, to some extent. Beta invitations have been sent out – the...

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