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Aquarionics uses browser identification tokens, usually known as cookies, to identify you. Specifically it uses:

  • A cookie with the somewhat worrying name of “CONSENT” which tracks whether you’ve seen the bloody stupid EU Cookie Law banner.
  • Maybe a cookie called “NID” which is used by google to store preferences (like language and safe search), which is set because I use the Google Fonts service for the… well, for the fonts. More about that can be found at google’s site on the subject.
  • Maybe some cookies beginning “wp-” or “wordpress-” if you’re logged in to the site somehow.
  • Some cookies from Google Analytics, whose names all start with ‘__utm’ or ‘_ga’.  These are used by site statistics tracking software to monitor which pages you enter the site in, where you leave it from, and which pages you visit. We use them for visitor counts and to monitor site and page popularity, as well as tracking which search queries or external site links people use to get to our site.These cookies track you across our site, but cannot be used to identify you personally, and cannot be used – by us – to track you across multiple sites. So we can identify you as “The person who previously visited a week last thursday” and “That guy who visits every day”, but not “Bob the Eidolon, who lives in Texas and enjoys poptarts.”These cookies have various expiry times, from “will vanish as soon as you close the browser” to “Two years after your last visit”They are controlled and set by Google Analytics, and you can opt out of being tracked by them by installing their provided browser add-on.
  • Cookies that we don’t set, but cause to be set. These include things like when I embed a video from Youtube, that will probably set some youtube.com cookies. Nothing on this site can “see” into those cookies, but I’m listing them anyway. These are likely to go to sites like YouTube, SoundCloud, and WordPress’s sites.


Hardly anyone ever reads cookie policies, so as a Thank You, here’s Aquarion’s recipe for “Land Speed Cookies”. They are called that because they go very fast.

In a bowl:

  • 85g (3oz) each of butter & sugar. Has to be butter, marg fails. Beat into submission.
  • Add an egg, beat into submission
  • Add 170g (6oz) flour (sifted), touch of salt
  • Add 30g (1oz) brown sugar
  • Add a bit of Vanilla Essence
  • Add 115g (4oz) Chocolate (Green & Blacks’ Maya Gold works really well) broken up into teeny-weenie pieces
  • Submission: the beating.
  • Break off into balls of about an inch (3 or so cm) across, and arrange on a baking tray. They spread out a little bit, so space them out.
  • Put into a 170oc oven for around about 20 minute
  • Leave them to cool for at least ten seconds