Recruitment 2012

Worlds turn.

I generally have great hopes for the time between jobs. I’ll finish personal projects, clean the flat, get to the holy prophesied state of no laundry *or* washing up.

So in the last month I’ve played some Skyrim, a lot of Star Wars, some Orcs Must Die, and rewatched the entire seven season run of The West Wing.

I’ve done work on Piracy Inc as well, I’ve got a new combat model which is far simplier from both sides than the previous six-axis stat-a-rama, but which doesn’t fit into my tech model very well. I’ve been working on, designed as a cross-system character white-pages, event organisation system and gallery. So far it has the character bit mostly working, though I need to play with the interface a bit more. The Story is a few thousand words++, although my attempt at a christmas chapter-a-day thing fell apart distressingly early.

Recruitment continues apace. I’ve got three interviews and a tech test today, which is a bit of an overload, but should work out all right. The first one is in about twenty five minutes, so I’m sitting in a Starbucks a few hundred metres from the office (Top interview tips: Wear clothes you’re comfortable in, have three questions ready to ask, arrive an hour early so you’ll *never* arrive late and also have time to gather calm around you before you walk in) with a Vanilla Spice Latte, an iPad and a 3G connection.

Wish me luck…