All a bit of history repeating

I’ve got a minor obsession with personal digital archiving. Mostly, this presents itself in the form of things like the current, or rather the database behind it from which the site cherry-picks data sources.

Ideally, I’d like to expand the database – though not the public facing site – with more and more metrics. Getting data out of Apple Healthkit to it is on my project list, and I’m looking forward to Sense’s API so I can add that too. Things like credit card transactions, amazon orders, stuff I can scrape and pull in and run analysis on.

The most recent expression of this has been “Where was I X years ago”, in the form of a bot that pulls out data from exactly 4 years ago and posts it to Twitter & Tumblr every fifteen minutes. The twitter account is protected to avoid sending @mention notifications to people I was talking to 4 years ago, but I’ll accept followers if anyone’s interested. The account was setup for jwheare‘s TwitShift, which did the same thing on a one-year-rolling basis until it shutdown a couple of years ago. For the same reasons that went away, I’m not opening it up as a general service (That’s what Timehop’s for) but the code’s up as part of Lifestream.

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Week 17 – There are lights in the ground, where the lights in the sky have fallen

Busy fortnight.

I’ve got a new address. Istic.Networks ltd has a new trading address, since we’ve joined the Innovation Warehouse. Mostly, this is because I need to manage work/life split a bit better, and having a transitionary commute helps this. Also, it makes my watch happier that I have to walk to work.

Yes, I wrote the phrase “It makes my watch happier”. I am a slave to the little red circle, and soon the green ones, I hope.

This weekend is Odyssey, and all the stuff that brings. Slightly worried at my first NPC role in the system – I’m head ref, this shouldn’t worry me – and the┬ánumber of small crisises that continue to plague us. They do every time, though, and I’m sure it’ll be fine.

Project-wise, I’ve laid down some solid work on both and PiracyInc the last couple of weeks, but I’m looking forward to having some dedicated time for them next week. I’ve been full-time for my contracting gig for almost ten days straight, which has been a bit of a shock to my system, and the change of scene will be good for me.

Achievements? Well, my Windows-based PLEX media-server developed a fatal flaw, which resulted in a reinstall. I’ve had it with Windows servers, however, so I’ve moved it over to Ubuntu. I still need to teach it a bit about boot systems and file library arrangements, but so far it’s running both better and faster than the windows version. It was originally windows because that was the requirement for Plex’s iPlayer channel, but since that’s dodo’d, there’s not been a good reason for it to stay there.

It also means I can move my OpenVPN install off the raspberry pi and onto a slightly more solid basis.

Fatal flaw in the VPN, though: It will only support one device at a time. Not sure what I did there, but can almost certainly fix that with the move to the new environment.

Failed to write any blog posts. There are five in the hopper, including “Technical Gadgets That Have Not Changed My Life”, “The Explanation of LARP” and “intersection between ssh connections and aerial faith plates”, the latter of which is suffering from being a better title than article.