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A few days in a field has cleared my brain fabulously, although I’m a few days off the week update.


Bug fixing in one place, refactoring in another. Soon, new development. Invoicing week on planet Istic.net, which means getting my expenses in a row. Today’s the deadline for last year’s expenses to go to my accountant, but I think that’s all in order.


Updated lifestream to use a unified logging framework, which the first stage to it not being a horrible mass of cron scripts. Also put in some virtualenv config to attempt to avoid multiple scripts running at the same time conflicting.

For other, see other posts this week. Went to Empire, had a good event despite the mud, now not dreading the year. This week, Odyssey, and then preparation for Falling Down.


Some pillars of eternity, and attempting to clear Transylvania in TSW before Issue 11 comes out. The new Neverwinter expansion looks good, so I might blast though some of that at the weekend.

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