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a) Be told by your AntiRSI program that you should take a ten minute break, right the hell now.

b) Find your mug. Given you work in a 10’ cube office with nobody but you inside it, it will surprise you how difficult this bit is. Clue: You put the iPad on its stand after you had tea this morning, it’s probably behind it.

c) Find keys and teabag.

d) Lock door.

e) Wander the hallways of the business park, searching for boiling water tap (which actually dispenses boiling water, and is awesome) and wonder if the advantages of getting a kettle for the office would be outweighed by the disadvantages of never leaving the 10’ cube.

e) Place teabag in mug, which isn’t the perfect way of doing this, but the teapot still has Lapsang in it and washing it up is beyond the scope of this project.

f) Place boiling water in mug.

g) Wait for five minutes. During this time check twitter, tumblr, facebook, etc. Start writing a tumblr post about how to make an imperfect cup of tea. Get as far as (j) before you realise that you’ve overbrewed the tea.

h) Remove the teabag.

i) Wonder which bright spark managed to use all the damned milk again, hope that this doesn’t reproduce the Time Of The Individual Milk Sachets, which prophecy says will being about the end days.

j) Bugger. Hang on a sec.

k) Add milk to tea to taste.

n) Wander the halls of the business park in the other direction, pondering kettles again, or possibly some kind of minifridge that would partially fix the milk problem.

o) Get back to your desk, discover you’ve got a minute or so left of your enforced keyboard break. Sit back, and enjoy your tea.

p) Wonder what happened to (l & m).

q) Realise that means you didn’t offer the option of sugar or sweetener, which renders the entire set of instructions needlessly specific.

r) Consider the bits about the wandering the halls and the 10’ cube probably render the instructions less general anyway, and decide to leave the missing characters out, happy in the knowledge that it will annoy completists.

u) annoy completists some more.

7) Completely screw up the concept, just to see if it makes a difference.

w) Relax and enjoy your tea.

x) Type a site entry thing.

y) Consider getting to the final letter just for completeness.

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